Fuel Cards v Credit Cards

What are the advantages of using a fuel card over a credit card for fuel purchases? Below, we look at the differences between the two payment options.

Fuel cardsCredit cards
PricingWith a fuel card you can choose either a fixed weekly price fuel card which gives you certainty on how much you will pay for your fuel each week or, a pump price card where you pay the price at the pump every time you buy fuel. Both give you access to easy invoicing so no more searching for receiptsUse a credit card to pay for fuel means you are limited to only paying the pump prices and so can miss out on the competitive petrol and diesel prices offered by fixed weekly price fuel cards.


Site coverageOur cards give you access to major single fuel suppliers, whole fuel networks, as well as a wide range of supermarkets. Although not every forecourt in the UK will accept a Fuelcard, the majority do so you’ll never struggle to refuel.Credit cards can be used at all fuel stations in the UK.


Security and fuel fraudWith a fuel card, all transactions are charged to your account, so you can see who purchased what and where. You can also have the details of a driver or vehicle, or both, embossed on a fuel card. Plus, you can determine what can be bought on each card, for example, only fuel or additional extras such as car washes and lubricants as well.With credit cards it is not possible to restrict what users buy, leaving it open to abuse. Whilst receipts should be collected for all purchases, these are easily lost meaning that some transaction data can be lost.


Interest chargesNo interest is charged on purchases made on a fuel card, because payment is taken via direct debit. This makes everything super simple and can save you a lot of money over time.Depending on your agreement, company credit card charges nay incur high interest charges, particularly if the full balance is not paid each month.
VAT claimsYour invoice clearly states the amount of VAT you’ve been charged for all your fuel purchases. This invoice is approved by HMRC too. This makes the submitting and reclaiming of VAT payments extremely easy. You also don’t need to keep any paper receipts.


To reclaim VAT when using a credit card, you need to keep all paper receipts. Sorting through these to reclaim VAT can be difficult. Also, if a driver doesn’t provide a receipt for a fuel purchase, the VAT on that purchase is unrecoverable.
Administration costsInstead of being swamped by lots of claim forms and credit card bills, you typically receive a single invoice every week. This reduces the time your company spends on this type of admin, which in turn saves you money.If your business currently runs a pay and reclaim scheme, you’ll know how much time is taken up with processing expenses claims and chasing drivers who don’t supply the fuel receipts that are needed.
Transaction reportingIf your business currently runs a pay and reclaim scheme, you’ll know how much time is taken up with processing expenses claims and chasing drivers who don’t supply the fuel receipts that are needed.


If your drivers use credit cards for fuel purchases, you won’t be able to see detailed information about your fuel usage. This makes it’s very difficult to identify cost and time-saving measures, which ultimately could hit your profit margin hard.

Lots of good reasons to choose a fuel card over a credit card

If the nature of your business involves a lot of travel, or you have a fleet of vehicles, we hope you can clearly see now why using a fuel card over a credit card will benefit your company and its employees. There really is a huge potential for fuel cards to save you money, cut down your admin and protect you from fuel fraud. All of which leaves you with more time to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

Identifying the right fuel card for your company may not be straightforward. That’s why we encourage you to get in touch with our team of expert advisers on 0113 202 5110 or complete our online enquiry form. We can then provide you with free quotations that are matched to your specific needs.