Tax Strategy

The Right Fuelcard Company Limited and its subsidiaries (“TRFC”) are independent distributors of fuel cards with a mission: simplify the fuel management of businesses across the UK.
This document sets out the approach to dealing with TRFC’s UK tax affairs. It is intended to comply with the duty to publish a UK tax strategy pursuant to para 16(2), Schedule 19 to the UK Finance Act 2016 and has been approved by the Board of TRFC.

1. Tax governance and risk management

Overall responsibility for minimising tax risk rests with the Board of TRFC. It is managed by the Head of Finance and individuals in the finance function with the appropriate skills and experience. There is also ongoing engagement with suitably qualified, reputable external firms who, as well as assisting with tax compliance, advise on the tax considerations arising in connection with changes in the business and tax legislation.

2. Attitude towards tax planning

TRFC will not engage in artificial transactions the sole purpose of which is to reduce UK tax. However, TRFC will consider undertaking a transaction in a way that gives rise to UK tax efficiencies providing this is aligned to its commercial objectives and complies with associated UK tax legislation.

3. Attitude towards tax risk

TRFC’s strategic aim is to minimise risk wherever possible when conducting its business affairs. It seeks to minimise tax risk through:
• submission of all UK tax returns on a timely basis, with sufficient detail to enable HMRC to form an accurate view of the affairs of the company, filing returns with an adequate supporting audit trail and sign-off process;
• paying the appropriate amount of tax at the right time. Where this view may differ to the position taken by HMRC, TRFC aims to be transparent about the filing position it has taken;
• maintaining tax accounting arrangements which are robust and accurate;
• ensuring that tax processes are adequately resourced and supported in order to manage tax compliance issues on a timely basis; and
• ensuring all tax filing positions are supported with appropriate evidence, including details of advice taken from external professional advisers.

4. Working with HMRC

TRFC will comply with all relevant legal disclosure and approval requirements and all information will be clearly presented to HMRC as appropriate. In its dealings with HMRC, TRFC will act in an open, honest and transparent manner (for example, by filing all returns on time and with full disclosure, by providing information lawfully requested by HMRC, and by working collaboratively with HMRC to resolve any areas of uncertainty).

TRFC’s strategic aim is to minimise tax risk. This is sought to be achieved by:
• holding annual face-to-face meetings with HMRC to discuss current business initiatives and any associated tax accounting;
• where appropriate, seeking pre-transaction clearances from HMRC; and
• making tax compliance procedures and controls available for HMRC review upon request.