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Deciding which fuel card is right for you, figuring out how fuel cards work or how your company could save money with a fuel card, can be complicated. In order to help businesses just like yours to make the right choice, we’ve created this guide with everything you need to know about the products we offer. Simply select the question that relates to you to find out more.

Our Products

How can Right Fuel Card help my business?

Our fuel cards help you make your fuel management more efficient and less time consuming.  Watch our video on the 10 reason you should choose Right Fuel Card.

What fuel cards do you offer?

We work with the leading fuel providers and we offer a wide range of fuel cards by Shell, Esso, Keyfuels, and UK Fuels. Find out more about the fuel cards we offer. 

Can I discuss my fuel card options with you before applying?

Of course! Our team will be happy to give you all the information you need and advise you on the best fuel card for your business. Simply provide some contact details through our card finder tool and we’ll be in touch.

Can I use a fuel card anywhere?

Your fuel card and its associated brand affect where it can be used. Some are relatively limited in where they can be used to purchase fuel, whereas others specialise in providing access to a wide variety of fuel stations. 

If you're unsure where you can use your fuel card or which one will be of the most benefit to you, you can speak to one of our staff and find the Right fuel card for you. You can also check out our fuel card guides for more detailed information.

What products can I purchase with a fuel card?

Some fuel cards allow you to make other purchases that are beneficial to your vehicles, such as lubricants, oils, AdBlue, car wash, or other similar items. However, fuel cards can't be used to buy other products such as food or consumer goods; in fact, you should only be able to use a fuel card at a fuel station. 

If you're unsure what your fuel card can be used for, you can contact the Right Fuel Card team and speak to one of our experts today.

Applying for a fuel card

How do I apply for a fuel card?

If you’re not sure which fuel card is right for your business, use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the right card for you. One of our team can then give you a call back to discuss your options further. Alternatively, you can apply directly online.

I am a new business without any credit history, does that stop me from getting a fuel card?

No. We're all about getting the Right fuel card for your needs and circumstances.  We'll run a few checks, including a credit check, to better understand your trading history.  Depending on the results you will be offered one of four options:

  1. Accepted with your requested credit limit

  2. Accepted with a reduced credit limit from the one you applied for - this can be reviewed after a few months once you have built up payment history with us

  3. Accepted on condition a security deposit is paid

  4. Accepted for our pre-pay RightPay solution


Introducing RightPay

  • Access to over 3000 sites across the UK on the KeyFuels network so you'll have a convenient place to fill up from Orkney to Penzance!
  • HMRC approved billing
  • Top Up your account 24/7*.  Card fees will be deducted from your top ups.
  • One fixed price for diesel every week at every station included in the network, regardless of the pump price.

For full terms and conditions and fees please visit:

* 30 minute top up time applies between 7am and 9pm when using Debit/Credit Cards. BACS transfers and top-ups outside of these time may take up to 24 hours (72 hours over the weekend)


Should I choose driver names or vehicle registrations for each card?

Driver names are most convenient if you change company vehicles regularly, or if your drivers use a range of vehicles. If your drivers change often, but you tend to keep the same vehicles, registration details on your fuel card work well.

Information you will need for your application

Proof of address and identification

  • If you are a sole trader we will need your previous address if your current time at address is less than 3 years
  • All applicants will be required to provide 2 proofs of address - Click here for more details on what is accepted (opens new window)
  • If you require your cards to be sent to a trading address we will require proof of address for this location.  Please see the link above for accepted information
  • All applicants will be required to provide one proof of identification


  • Name and date of birth will be required for all partners

Director Authorisation

  • If you are not a named Director of the company, we will require Director Authorisation to complete your application (email is acceptable)

Bank details to set up your Direct Debit

  • We do not accept payment from pre-paid bank accounts
  • Partnerships with joint approval will both need to complete a Direct Debit mandate form which will be supplied by your sales contact

Card details

  • Cards can be embossed with any details such as driver name, Registration plate or simply card 1,2,3

Our pricing

Why do fixed prices change weekly?

These changes reflect the movements in the international oil market. 

How do I know what’s my fixed price for this week?

Every week we’ll send you prices notification via email or SMS. If you haven’t received it or can’t find it, please contact us.

Paying for a fuel card

How can I pay for my fuel usage with Right Fuel Card?

Payment for all fuel drawings made with your fuel cards will be taken by Direct Debit. This is a mandatory requirement.

What are the credit terms I pay by?

Our standard terms are weekly plus 5 days.  So, use your card Monday to Sunday and pay by Direct Debit the following Friday.

Account Management

Do you have an Online Account Management system and how do I sign up?

Yes, our free online account management is a simple online platform where you can access everything you need to manage your cards and invoicing. For more information, visit our dedicated online account management FAQs.

How do I order additional cards?

You can easily order additional fuel card from your Online Account Management system:

  1. If using a laptop or PC, click ‘Fuel Cards’, then ‘Card Request’ in the top left corner. On a mobile these options can be found in the main menu.
  2. Select your card type*
  3. Complete the boxes including your name
  4. Click Add New Card
  5. On the next screen add either a Driver Name or Vehicle Registration, select the products required
  6. Click Add
  7. Ensure you press close after the card, confirm requests and then confirm for a second time.

 The customer care team will then process your order.

*Please note that you can only order the same card types that are currently on your account. If you wish to change card types then please contact your account manager or the customer care team.

Can you cost centre my invoices?

Yes we can. Call our customer service team on 0113 202 5110 and we’ll talk you through the options.

What happens if I lose my card?

Don’t panic. Call us on 0113 202 5110 as soon as you notice your card has been lost. We’re open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Friday from 9am to 3pm. Outside office hours send us a message using our contact form.

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