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What brands do we work with?

We work with premium fuel brands such as Shell, BP, and Esso; the card networks UKFuels and KeyFuels, plus Texaco and supermarkets to provide you with the widest selection of fuel cards to choose from.

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Small, medium or large? Whatever the size of your company, we can find the perfect fuel card for you.  We're experienced in helping small business fleets, sole traders and taxi drivers find the right solution for their fuel usage.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are new to fuel cards, or you’re just looking for a refresher, this is the right place to start. Here you will find essential information to help you understand what is a fuel card and is a fuel card worth it? 

What are fuel cards?

If you’re new to fuel cards, we created this handy guide that includes all the essential information you might need. In a nutshell, a fuel card is a simple and cost-efficient way for companies to reduce fuel costs and manage their fleet. However you decide to pay - at a weekly fixed price or paying the price at the pump - fuel cards in the UK make tracking business mileage easy for companies of all sizes.

How much do fuel cards cost & do fuel cards save you money?

We’re often asked, “how much does a fuel card cost”? This depends on which type of card you choose and what features are included with your card.

Is it worth having a fuel card? Whether you run a fleet of vehicles or are a sole trader, when you consider the cost savings associated with a business fuel card - we think it’s a no brainer. We’ve written about how fuel cards can save you money already, but if you ever have any questions we haven’t addressed on our site - get in touch with the team, we’re here to help.

How do fuel cards work?

How fuel cards work is simple: fill up at any of the petrol stations we offer, but rather than paying with cash or a credit card, simply present your fuel card to the cashier and your company or employer is billed. Fuel cards make buying fuel simple for employees or sole traders and makes offsetting fuel costs easier for businesses. Whether through competitive, fixed fuel prices, a reduction in your admin and tax return costs, or the fact our fuel cards have no interest charges applied - the benefits to having the right fuel card are plenty.

How do I get a fuel card?

Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.  One of our friendly UK based team can give you a call back or alternatively complete the application online.

Can I discuss my fuel card options with you before applying?

Sure, our team will be happy to give you all the information and advise you on the best fuel card for your business. Please give us a call on 0113 202 5110 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Why get a fuel card?

Fuel cards are a good idea for businesses that utilise fuel, for example: fleet services, transport businesses and professional drivers.
If you find yourself in this category our fuel cards offer a range of benefits that you’ll find helpful:

  • Reduce admin time through utilising our fuel card management system. Keep an accurate record of fuel-related spends, then when it comes to submitting your tax returns, you’re all set
  • Our fuel card providers supply you with HMRC approved invoices, making submitting accurate invoices easier than ever
    Save money on your fuel spend with a fixed weekly price tariff
  • Pay for toll fees and other driving expenses with some cards, like oils, lubricants and car wash tokens
  • Fuel card payments are a secure transaction, offering a reduced risk of fraud when compared to debit and credit card transactions
Where can you use fuel cards?

Knowing where you can use a fuel card can sometimes be tricky, as each card or package will provide you with different locations to use your card. However, our handy site locator makes finding a fuel station easy.

Our range of fuel cards enable drivers to fill up at a multitude of service stations nationwide, from popular garages like Esso, BP & Shell, to the abundant network of supermarket stations all over the country. Whether you do motorway miles or travel on B roads - we have the right fuel card for you.

Which fuel card is right for me?

Knowing which fuel card is right for you and your business can be tricky. Whether you’re new to fuel cards or are looking for another service to improve your fuel management - we have the right fuel card to help your business start saving money on fuel. We work with all the major fuel providers in the UK, offering a huge network of service stations where your card can be used. If you’re still unsure which fuel card to choose, why not compare our fuel cards to find the card which suits you best.

How do company fuel cards work?

Company fuel cards work by providing employees with a simple way to pay for business-related fuel expenses, and they provide companies with a cost-efficient, easy-to-trace solution for managing company fuel expenses. If you value saving money on company fuel costs, reducing admin time in processing employee’s fuel expenses and adding a layer of security against card fraud - then it’s definitely worth having a company fuel card.

I'm a small business, can I get a fuel card?

Whether you’re a sole trader or a smaller scale business, if you’re clocking up the miles driving across the country or even locally - fuel cards for small businesses are a fantastic way to gain better control of your business fuel expenses, cut down on admin time and save money.

  • Better Control: From capping spending on fuel, to permitting other purchases like lubricants and car wash tokens - a fuel card offers you the freedom to allow or restrict a multitude of services as a business owner
  • Less Admin: We know that time is money, for any business. Fuel cards provide a trail of HMRC approved invoices whenever someone spends on their card, making your quarterly or annual tax returns even easier

Save Money: Small business fleet? Medium sized taxi company? Fixed price fuel cards can offer cheaper fuel prices than at the pump. Across all your vehicles, this can have a significant impact on your profit margin

How do fleet fuel cards work?

Fleet fuel cards work in the same way that company fuel cards do; enable drivers within your fleet to pay for business fuel using their fuel card, instead of a credit or debit card. Whether your fleet of drivers is two or two hundred, a fuel card offers a fantastic solution to reducing fleet fuel costs, cutting down on admin time and giving you greater general control of company spends.

Your employees simply refuel at the approved list of forecourts included in their plan, paying with their fuel card. You’ll then be billed directly, removing the need for company credit cards, which in turn reduces the risk of fraud. Making fleet fuel cards a secure way to manage spending on travel for your business.

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