Fuel cards for fleets

Whatever the size of your fleet, our fuel cards can work for you

Our fuel cards can offer huge money and time-saving benefits to companies with fleets of vehicles. But it’s important to point out that one fuel card doesn’t suit all businesses. Identifying the best fuel card for your company might not necessarily be straightforward. 

Our fleet fuel cards can offer businesses significant money and time-saving benefits, regardless of how many vehicles they manage. You can choose from fixed weekly priced and pump-price fuel cards, and you’ll receive a HMRC-approved invoice detailing all transactions, so you can easily keep track of your fuel expenditure.

We have a wide range of fuel cards for fleets which each offer their own benefits, so it’s important that you choose the Right fuel card for your business. Whether you’re a sole trader with one vehicle, or a large company with hundreds of HGVs, we have a fuel card that can meet your needs. 

To help you make your decision, we’ve collated all the helpful information you need to know about how fuel cards work for different fleets.   

Fuel cards for fleets: how do they work?

Fuel cards function like a credit card but without the interest fees. Drivers simply use our site locator app to find a participating station, fill up their vehicle and then pay inside the kiosk using their fuel card. You can view all transactions through our online account management system, so you know exactly how much your fleet is spending on fuel.

Our range of fuel cards have different pricing options and can be used at thousands of petrol stations across the UK. To give you maximum coverage and flexibility, we may recommend that your fleet uses multiple fuel cards.

Different types of fuel cards for fleets

Fleet fuel cards
Top benefits of this fuel card
Where it can be used

Shell fuel card

Shell Flexi

Multi-network card offered at a fixed weekly price
Shell, Esso, Total, Texaco, Morrisons

BP fuel card

Access to thousands of fuel stations across the UK
BP, Esso, Texaco and Gulf

UK Fuels card

Widely accessible and drivers can collect supermarket reward points
Tesco, Morrisons, Shell, Esso, BP

business: catering to different types of fleets

Mixed fleet

If you’ve got a fleet that’s made up of a range of vehicles, such as HGVs, vans and cars, you’ll have a range of fuel needs too. The great thing about Right Fuel Card is that we can pinpoint the perfect one for each vehicle, helping you to maximise your savings and make life as simple as possible

How can Right Fuel Card help you

  • Give you access to a wide range of leading fuel cards to meet your vehicle and drivers’ unique needs
  • Save you money with competitive fixed weekly price fuel cards
  • Provide one invoice that meets HMRC’s strict standards and makes reclaiming VAT easier
  • Remove the need to keep hold of paper receipts of your fuel purchases, considerably reducing the time you spend on admin
  • Offer powerful management and reporting tools that can help to reduce fuel fraud and increase fuel efficiency

HGV fleet

Whether you just have a few trucks or are a large haulage company, it’s critical that you keep a close eye on your fuel spend. It’s also important that your drivers have easy access to HGV friendly sites with high canopies and the fuel they need to keep them going. Our fuel cards can deliver this and so much more. 

How Right Fuel Card can help you

  • Give you access to hundreds of HGV friendly sites across the UK which offer high canopies and high-speed pumps
  • Help you to identify fuel stations on main routes so your drivers never have to take unnecessary detours to refuel
  • Provide an excellent online site locator that can help you identify fuel efficient routes
  • Help you to keep your fuel card secure and reduce fuel fraud by specifying what your drivers can buy on their card and implementing spending limits

Local or small business

Even if your business has just one vehicle, we believe it should benefit from the significant savings and fantastic account management tools that companies with larger fleets enjoy. That’s why we offer a range of fuel cards for small businesses that can reduce your overheads and save you time, leaving you to concentrate on more important things.

How Right Fuel Card can help you

  • Let you choose from a fixed weekly price fuel card or a pump price fuel card, depending on your needs
  • Provide access to thousands of fuel sites in local towns and cities as well as on motorways
  • Have no minimum spends or penalties if you don’t use your card frequently
  • Help you spend fewer hours on admin because you’ll receive a single invoice with a clear VAT statement
  • Allow you to enjoy free groceries, leisure activities and many more as several of our fuel cards are linked to supermarket rewards schemes

Unleaded fleet

If your business runs a fleet of vehicles that are unleaded, it’s important you have easy access to the fuel you need, at the right price. You may also be very interested in how you can improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency, to save your company money and lessen your impact on the environment. Our fuel cards can help with all of this and provide many more benefits.

How Right Fuel Card can help you

  • Streamline your invoices to make VAT processing and reclaiming owed money easier than ever before
  • Give you the option of a fixed weekly price fuel card or a pump price fuel card, depending on the needs of your business
  • Remove the need for paper receipts as you’ll get one consolidated invoice which provides comprehensive information on all your fuel purchases
  • Offer management and reporting tools to easily monitor your fuel usage, view and print invoices and run reports to identify ways to save money
  • Provide you access to thousands of fuel sites across the UK that offer unleaded fuel, including supermarkets

More benefits of our fuel cards for fleets

Still unsure if a fuel card is the right move for your business? Take a look at all of the additional benefits we offer companies with a fleet of vehicles.

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