Business Fleet Fuel Cards

Whatever the size and makeup of your fleet, our fuel cards can work hard for you

Our fuel cards can offer huge money and time-saving benefits to companies with fleets of vehicles. But it’s important to point out that one fuel card doesn’t suit all businesses. Identifying the best fuel card for your company might not necessarily be straightforward. That’s why we encourage you to read all the helpful information below about different fleets and get in touch with our team of expert advisers. They can then discuss your specific needs and begin to match your business with its perfect fuel card.

Business with a mixed fleet

If you’ve got a fleet that’s made up of a range of vehicles, such as HGVs, vans and cars, you’ll have a range of fuel needs too. The great thing about The Right Fuelcard Company is that we can pinpoint the perfect one for each vehicle, helping you to maximise your savings and make life as simple as possible. Just get in touch with us to find out more.

How we can help you

  • Access to a wide range of leading fuel cards to meet your vehicles and drivers’ different needs
  • Save you money with competitive fixed weekly price fuel cards
  • One invoice that meets HMRC’s strict standards and makes reclaiming VAT easy
  • No need to keep paper receipts of your fuel purchases, considerably reducing the time you spend on admin
  • Powerful management and reporting tools that can help to reduce fuel fraud and increase fuel efficiency


Businesses with an HGV fleet

Whether you just have a few trucks or are a large haulage company, it’s critical that you keep a close eye on your fuel spend. It’s also important that your drivers have easy access to HGV friendly sites with high canopies and the fuel they need to keep them going. Our fuel cards can deliver this and so much more. Find out more below and then give our expert team a call.

How we can help you

  • Hundreds of HGV friendly sites across the UK which offer high canopies and high-speed pumps
  • Fuel stations on main routes so your drivers never have to take unnecessary detours to refuel
  • Excellent online site locator that can help to identify routes that are more fuel efficient
  • Reduce fuel fraud by specifying what a driver can buy on their card


Local or small business

Even if your business has just one vehicle, we believe it should benefit from the significant savings and powerful account management that companies with larger fleets enjoy. That’s why we offer a range of fuel cards for small businesses that can reduce your overheads and save you time, leaving you to concentrate on more important things.

How we can help you

  • Choose a fixed weekly price fuel card or a pump price fuel card, depending on your needs
  • Access to thousands of fuel sites in local towns and cities as well as on motorways
  • No minimum spends or penalties if you don’t use your card that often
  • Fewer hours spent on admin because you receive a single invoice with a clear VAT statement
  • Enjoy free groceries, leisure activities and much more as many of our cards are linked to supermarket rewards schemes


Businesses with an unleaded fleet

If your business runs a fleet of vehicles that are unleaded, it’s important you have easy access to the fuel you need, at the right price. You may also be very interested in how you can improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency, to save your company money and lessen your impact on the environment. Our fuel cards can help with all of this and provide many more benefits.

How we can help you

  • Choose a fixed weekly price fuel card or a pump price fuel card, depending on your needs
  • Access to thousands of fuel sites across the UK that offer unleaded fuel, including supermarkets
  • Use our management and reporting tools to easily monitor your fuel usage, view and print invoices and run reports to identify ways to save money
  • No more paper receipts – you get one consolidated invoice which provides comprehensive information on all your fuel purchases
  • Streamlined invoices that make processing your VAT much easier and reclaiming any money that’s owed to you


More benefits to help you make the right decision

Still unsure if a fuel card is the right move for your business? Take a look at all of the additional benefits we offer companies with a fleet of vehicles.

  • An account manager you can rely on – Our account managers know the fuel card sector inside out and back round again. This means they can answer all your questions in a timely manner and help you find the right products for your business.
  • Control 24/7 – Easily track your usage, monitor all your drivers and print invoices with our account management system. This puts you in complete control of your fleet, every hour of every day.
  • Support from real people – Our customer service team is made up of friendly advisers who are ready to answer any query. And if at any time your account manager is not available, you can rely on our team to provide you with the support you need. 
  • Transparent pricing – With The Right Fuelcard Company, you can expect clear and transparent pricing, no matter which card you choose. This involves you receiving an easy-to-follow invoice and price notifications each week if you choose a fixed weekly price fuel card.
  • Tailored to your network coverage – We will closely analyse the fuel stations your fleet uses and suggest the right card for your business. This makes sure you have access to all the fuel sites you need and can maximise savings at the same time.
  • Site locator- Not sure where to fill up with fuel? No problem. Your drivers can access our forecourt site locator on their computer, tablet or phone, which makes refuelling incredibly easy and prevents unnecessary detours.


Find the Right Fuel Card for your Business fleet

In a few easy steps we can assess your needs and find the best fuel card for your car, van, HGV or fleet! Use the button below to start the search for your Right Fuel Card.

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