Fuel cards for sole traders and the self-employed

Save time and money that you can invest elsewhere in your business

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Fuel costs can be something that sole traders, self-employed workers and start-up businesses worry about.

 That’s why we’re delighted to offer hard-working independents like you a range of fuel cards that will give you access to competitively priced diesel and petrol, as well as thousands of filling stations throughout the UK. 

This means you can enjoy money and time-saving advantages that larger businesses such as national companies and haulage firms have been benefiting from for many years.

Sole Trader

On top of this, you don’t have to worry about finding the ideal fuel card for your business. We’ve got that covered. Get in touch with our expert team of advisers and they’ll assess your needs, before recommending the right fuel card for you.

The benefits of a fuel card for a sole trader

For sole traders and the self-employed, a fuel card can be invaluable as you can streamline your business and save money at the pump. One of the main benefits of a fuel card is the ability to monitor all transactions online, which allows you to keep track of exactly what’s being spent and helps you save time on admin. Some of the other advantages of a fuel card that sole traders and the self-employed can benefit from include:

  • Save money again and again

    We offer fixed weekly price fuel cards which aim to save you money on every litre of fuel as you’ll pay the same price every week, even if you refuel at a motorway service station. This provides self-employed people with exclusive access to competitive prices and allows them to conveniently manage their finances in advance.

  • Huge choice of stations

    Our range of fuel cards offers access to thousands of fuel stations across the UK. They cover major fuel brands such as BP, Shell and Esso, the fuel networks of UK Fuels and Keyfuels, and even supermarket fuel providers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. You’ll never be struggling to find a station to refuel at.

  • No nasty interest charges

    As a sole trader, you’re probably using a company credit card to pay for your fuel. This may mean incurring some hefty interest charges throughout the year. With a fuel card, you can say goodbye to these and save some vital cash.

  • Easy online management

    As one of our customers, you’ll gain access to Right Fuel Card’s online account management system. This allows you to monitor fuel transactions, view and print invoices, and manage fuel cards. On top of this, you can run a number of reports to help you understand your expenditure better and how you can save money.

  • VAT made simple

    The invoices you receive from Right Fuel Card meet all of HMRC’s strict standards. They’re also presented in a way that makes processing your VAT much easier. In addition, there’s no way you can lose any paper receipts for fuel, which means you’ll always be able to reclaim any fuel VAT that’s owed to you.

  • Quick and secure payment

    Our fuel cards are either chip and PIN, swipe and PIN or swipe and signature, which allows you to pay for your fuel in a speedy and safe way.

  • Supermarket rewards points

    Because many of our fuel cards can be used to purchase fuel at supermarket stations or from major fuel suppliers that are linked to points schemes, you can reap the rewards. Your points can then be converted into vouchers to pay for great stuff for yourself or your business.

Types of fuel cards

We work with major fuel brands and fuel networks in the UK, so we can offer businesses a wide selection of fuel cards. All of our fuel cards provide the self-employed with convenience and control, helping to save you money, simplify administration, and streamline your payment processes. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use one fuel card or opt for a combination of cards to have wider accessibility to fuel stations.

Choose a fixed weekly price card and every litre of fuel you buy on that card will be charged at a fixed price throughout the week. This means you’ll enjoy competitive pricing, be able to manage your finances with no fluctuations and be in control of your overall fuel cost. Depending on the card, these can be used at branded sites such as Shell and BP or at supermarket forecourts.

Alternatively, you could choose a pump price card. This means you’ll be charged the price at the pump every time you buy fuel. This type of card makes everything transparent and is widely accepted for petrol and diesel across the UK. That could be a winning combination if you're self-employed as this type of fuel card is convenient and simple to use.

How fuel cards work

Fuel cards are a secure and convenient means of payment for businesses, regardless of their size. They can be used to pay for petrol and diesel, plus other vehicle-related products such as the M6 motorway toll. All purchases are interest-free, so you’ll only pay for the fuel you use and you can set controls on where your fuel card can be used to help prevent fuel card fraud.

Fuel cards work in the same way as credit cards, you simply fill up your vehicle and pay using your fuel card. You’ll then receive a weekly invoice which you’ll pay for via direct debit, so you can easily process your VAT without needing to keep hold of fuel receipts.

Choosing a fuel card

For the self-employed, choosing the right fuel card can be a crucial decision to make for your business. Fuel cards make fuel management more efficient and less time consuming and allow you to manage your expenses whilst keeping your personal and business finances separate, so is the ideal solution for the self-employed.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when deciding which fuel card is right for your business needs. These are:

  • Location - The most appropriate fuel card will depend on where you travel and which fuel stations are local to you, as this will save you from spending time finding an alternative place to refuel. If your business takes you all over the UK, then a multi-network card would be ideal as you'll have thousands of fuel stations to choose from. Our handy site locator also helps you to plan routes in advance, so you can check which sites accept your fuel card before you start your journey.
  • Price - For the self-employed it can be difficult to decide between a pump price fuel card and a fixed price fuel card. Fixed-price cards can be beneficial if you consume high volumes of fuel and are looking to reduce your expenses. Pump price cards, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility in terms of where and when fuel can be purchased, as you can choose from a wide network of fuel stations.
  • Fleet requirements - The type and number of vehicles that self-employed people use can be extremely varied, so it's important that we evaluate your needs on an individual level. If you regularly use HGVs then you'll need a fuel card that can be used at stations with truck friendly facilities. We also have different fuel card options available for petrol vehicles.

Applying for a fuel card

Fuel cards are the ideal solution for sole traders and the self-employed as they can save you vital time and money and help to take the stress out of running your own business. If you’re interested in a fuel card for your business, then you can apply online today. As part of the application, we’ll request information such as your typical fuel spend and the number of business vehicles you use. We will also perform a credit check and request your bank details.

You can also contact our team at 0113 202 5110 to discuss your fuel card options in more detail or use our simple comparison tool below to to quickly assess your fuel needs and identify the right fuel card for you. 

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We work closely with businesses so that we can find them a fuel card that suits their needs, allowing them to have greater control of your fuel expenditure.

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Managing a fleet can be challenging but a fuel card can help as you can monitor all fuel expenses through our online account management system.

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Fuel cards can be used by taxi drivers who are looking to reduce their fuel expenses. Regardless of how large your fleet is, we can find a fuel card for you.

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