Business Fuel Cards

Small, medium or large? Whatever the size of your company, we can find the perfect fuel card for you.

Even if your business has just one vehicle, we believe it should benefit from the potential savings and powerful account management that companies with larger fleets enjoy. That’s why we offer a range of fuel cards to suit your business, whatever it’s size, that can reduce your overheads and save you time, leaving you to concentrate on more important things.

Easy access to the fuel you need

We have a great selection of business fuel cards to choose from which give you access to thousands of fuel stations across the UK. These cards cover major fuel suppliers, whole fuel networks and supermarket chains. Many cards also give you access to bunker stations that offer high-speed pumps and HGV friendly facilities. This means your business needs are covered if your fleet simply travels locally within the immediate region or travels long-distance across the UK.

We help make business travel easier through our site locator.  This tool makes refuelling incredibly easy and prevents unnecessary detours.

Fixed weekly competitive prices

Our fixed weekly price fuel cards mean every litre of fuel your drivers buy is charged to your company at a flat, fixed price throughout that week. This means you’ll be able to manage your finances with no troublesome price fluctuations, stabilise your overall fuel cost and enjoy some highly competitive fuel prices.

Alternatively, you could choose a pump price fuel card and be charged the price at the pump every time you refuel. This type of card makes everything simple and transparent and is widely accepted for diesel and unleaded petrol purchases across the UK – a perfect combination if your main priority is driver convenience.

Totally transparent fees

Setting up a business fuel card with Right Fuel Card is simple and straightforward. You pay one simple monthly fee per card.  There are no minimum spends on our cards, and no interest is paid on fuel costs because you’re charged automatically via direct debit. So why not give us a try? You really have nothing to lose.

An account manager who understands your business

Because customer service is so important to us, your company will be assigned a dedicated account manager. This means you’ll always talk to the same person, and someone who completely understands your business and your requirements. As a result, you benefit from fast, informed support that can solve any issues with card orders and cancellations, reporting information, and much more.

Powerful management and reporting tools

Right Fuel Card’s excellent online account management system allows you to view all your fuel transactions and run reports on drivers, vehicles and the amount of fuel bought. You can also easily monitor your fuel usage, read and print invoices and manage PINs for all your fuel cards. And if that wasn’t enough, our separate online site locator allows you to identify alternative routes which may take less time and use less fuel.

Complete control on spend

Because our fuel cards can be assigned to individual drivers, you can determine exactly what each individual can purchase on their card. For example, you may give drivers of your large trucks the power to only purchase fuel. While you may give staff who drive cars the capability to pay for fuel and extras such as car washes, lubricants and other vehicle-related products (surcharges apply).

Less admin saves time and money

If your business runs a pay and reclaim scheme, you’ll know how much time is taken up processing receipts and expenses claims. But with a fuel card we send you one consolidated invoice and automatically take payment via direct debit, usually seven days after the invoice has been sent.

VAT made easy

Our invoices are approved by HMRC and provide a simple breakdown of VAT expenses. This makes it much easier to claim back all the VAT that’s owed to you. Plus, because your drivers can never lose a receipt, you’ll never have the problem of not being able to recover VAT on a fuel purchase. Happy days all round.

No nasty interest charges

If you’re currently using a credit card to pay for your company’s fuel, you may be incurring some hefty interest charges on your purchases. With a fuel card, you can say goodbye to these and save some vital money for your business.

Pay quickly and securely and get tough with fuel card fraud

Because you can assign a fuel card to an individual driver or specific vehicle, or both, the security of each card is increased. In addition, protection is beefed up another notch by our cards being either chip and PIN, swipe and PIN or swipe and signature. Plus, you can track every transaction through our online account management system.

These security measures reduce the risk of anyone committing fuel fraud against your business.

Supermarket rewards points

Because many of our fuel cards can be used to purchase fuel at supermarket stations or from major fuel suppliers who are linked to points schemes, you can reap the rewards. Over no time at all, you might be enjoying a break away thanks to your spend on your fuel card.

From one-man bands to large haulage companies, we can handpick the ideal fuel card solution for your business. Just get in touch with our expert team for a no obligation chat.


Not sure which fuel card is right for your business?

Please get in touch with our team of expert advisers on 0113 202 5110 or complete our online enquiry form. They can talk you through the perfect cards for large companies like yours and which will meet your specific needs.