EV technology and how it can benefit your fleet

The number of electric vehicles in the UK is growing rapidly. There are now over 1 million EVs on the roads with a further 645,000 plug-in hybrids. Businesses need to start decarbonising their fleets in preparation for the upcoming ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles. Our EV guides provide all the information you need to know about EV technology and highlight how EVs can benefit your business.

To help businesses with their transition to electric, we offer two EV charge cards; BP Fuel and Charge and Shell Fuel and EV. For ultimate convenience, these RFID cards can be used at thousands of petrol stations and charging points across the UK. All transactions are displayed on one invoice, making it simpler for your business to track fuel expenditure.This is ideal for mixed fleets with petrol, diesel and electric vehicles.

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EV, the fuel of the future

Decarbonisation is a high priority for many businesses, as they're looking to cut costs on fuel and aim to improve their corporate reputation. Although several alternative fuels are available, including HVO and hydrogen, EVs will likely be the most practical choice for many. 

The benefits of EVs

Powered by an electric motor, electric vehicles produce zero emissions whilst driving. By adopting EVs, businesses can help to protect the environment, reduce running costs for their fleets and show their commitment to sustainability. 

Although EVs currently cost more upfront than their ICE counterparts, drivers will likely save money in the long-run due to EVs having lower tax, insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs. By choosing EVs for your fleet, your drivers can also access clean air zones without being charged, helping to reduce costs if you travel within large cities across the UK.

The hybrid alternative

For those businesses that are not yet ready to take the plunge into electric, hybrid vehicles could be the ideal solution. They use a combination of a petrol or diesel ICE engine and an electric motor to help reduce carbon emissions. Discover our useful guide on hybrid vehicles to find out more.

Businesses with plug-in hybrids (PHEV) can benefit from our EV charge cards, as you can use it as payment when using a public charging point. Please note that although your PHEV will still run if it’s not recharged, its fuel economy and sustainability will be negatively impacted. 

Electric vehicle being recharged

EV charge cards

So that we can continue to help businesses save time and money, we are planning to expand our selection of products to include the fuels of the future, starting with electric. Drivers can use our dedicated EV charge cards at charging stations across the UK, including BP Pulse, Shell Recharge and Osprey. 

They work like our current fuel cards, with businesses receiving a weekly online invoice detailing all transactions. Payment will then be taken via Direct Debit. 

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