Supermarket Fuel Card

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Supermarket Fuel card

Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

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Our Supermarket fuel card offers you access to fuel that’s normally cheaper in price than the diesel or petrol available at other branded sites. On top of this, you can continue to earn hundreds of supermarket reward points when you refuel. If you or your employees do most of your driving in towns and cities, our Supermarket fuel card could be the right choice for you. It offers access to hundreds of local sites that provide lower-cost fuel as well as tons of other great extras.

Supermarket Fuel Cards

Supermarket Fuel Cards


Access over 1,300 sites across the UK (600+ Tesco sites, 300+ Morrison sites, 300+ Sainsbury’s sites)


Pay pump price for diesel and petrol

Perfect for

Businesses with company cars, LCVs or employees who use their own cars for business

More reasons to choose a Supermarket fuel card

  • Convenience of fuel sites prevents detours for fuel, saving you money
  • Say goodbye to paper receipts forever, reducing the time you spend on admin
  • Collect Tesco Clubcard, Sainsbury's  Nectar and  Morrisons   More points at participating stations     

Please note fuel cards are not currently accepted at Asda.

Find the RIght Fuel Card wherever you fill up

Supermarket or premium, we have it all

We believe that businesses should have the flexibility to fuel wherever it is convenient for them so our range covers all premium fuel brands such as Shell, BP, and Esso and Texaco as well as the card networks UKFuels and KeyFuels.  So whether you stick to local routes or motorway treks we'll have a fuel card to suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions

How can the Right Fuel Card company help my business?

Our fuel cards help you make your fuel management more efficient and less time consuming. Find out why you should choose The Right Fuelcard Company or get in touch to know more about how we can help you.

Can I discuss my fuel card options with you before applying?

Sure, our team will be happy to give you all the information and advise you on the best fuel card for your business. Please give us a call on 0113 202 5110 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

What fuel cards do Sainsbury's service stations accept?

The Supermarket fuel card can be used at over 300 Sainsbury’s filling stations across the UK. It also includes access to over 600 Tesco and over 300 Morrisons sites.

The Supermarket fuel card is pump price which means you pay the price you see at the pump when you visit one of the supermarket sites – simple!

Is the supermarket fuel card accepted at ASDA service stations

Unfortunately our Supermarket fuel card cannot be used at Asda filling stations. It is however accepted at over 600 Tesco sites, 300 Morrisons and 300 Sainsbury’s sites.

What fuels cards do Morrisons filling stations accept?

The Supermarket, Keyfuels and UK fuels fuel cards can all be used at Morrisons sites.

(Surcharges apply at selected stations with the Keyfuels and UK Fuels cards)

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