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Buy your fuel from Sainsbury’s with our Supermarket fuel card and enjoy loads of great benefits. Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

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Using a fuel card at Sainsburys

If you tend to buy your fuel from Sainsburys there a few options which may be suitable for your needs.  Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

Little rewards with every fuel purchase

With Right Fuel Card’s Supermarket fuel card, you’ll not only benefit from streamlined fuel management but also be able to collect Nectar points at hundreds of Sainsbury’s forecourts across the UK.

Collecting points is easy. Simply fill up at the pumps and collect 1 Nectar point for every litre of fuel you buy. 

There are loads of places to splash out with your Nectar points, from your weekly shop at Sainsbury’s to your morning latte at Caffe Nero. You can even put them towards a much-needed getaway with British Airways. How you spend them is up to you…

Please note: 

  • you cannot earn Nectar points from Sainsbury's on car related products such as lubricants, oils, de-icer etc. sold by BP or ESSO at Sainsbury's Local in partnershop with Euro Garages Stores.

  • Nectar points can be spent in 500 points blocks, so you can spend up to the nearest £2.50 of your shop using your Nectar points.

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Frequently asked questions

What fuel cards do you offer?

We work with the leading fuel providers and we offer a wide range of Shell, Esso, Keyfuels, and UK Fuels fuel cards. Find out more about the fuel cards we offer

Is the supermarket fuel card accepted at ASDA service stations

Unfortunately our Supermarket fuel card cannot be used at Asda filling stations. It is however accepted at over 600 Tesco sites, 300 Morrisons and 300 Sainsbury’s sites.

What fuel cards does Asda accept?

Unfortunately Asda do not accept any fuel cards.  If you regularly purchase fuel from Supermarkets we recommend our Supermarket Card which is accepted across Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons.

Forecourt flexibility

Supermarkets like Sainsbury's often have the cheapest pump price, but for fleets who travel longer distances and may be on the motorway more than around town, it may be worth considering an alternative or extra card to cover those journeys.  We provide cards from all major fuel brands and networks and would be happy to discuss the right option for you.

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