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Sainsbury’s Fuel Cards

Buy your fuel from Sainsbury’s with our Supermarket fuel card and enjoy loads of great benefits. Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

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Using a fuel card at Sainsbury's

If you tend to buy your fuel from Sainsbury's there are a few options which may be suitable for your needs.  Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

Little rewards with every fuel purchase

With Right Fuel Card’s Supermarket fuel card, you’ll not only benefit from streamlined fuel management but also be able to collect Nectar points at hundreds of Sainsbury’s forecourts across the UK.

Collecting points is easy. Simply fill up at the pumps and collect 1 Nectar point for every litre of fuel you buy. 

There are loads of places to splash out with your Nectar points, from your weekly shop at Sainsbury’s to your morning latte at Caffe Nero. You can even put them towards a much-needed getaway with British Airways. How you spend them is up to you…

Please note: 

  • You cannot earn Nectar points from Sainsbury's on car related products such as lubricants, oils, de-icer etc. sold by BP or ESSO at Sainsbury's Local in partnershop with Euro Garages Stores.

  • Nectar points can be spent in 500 points blocks, so you can spend up to the nearest £2.50 of your shop using your Nectar points.

Supermarket  UK Fuels  Keyfuels

Sainsbury's fuel station

Find your nearest Sainsbury's forecourt

We created our site locator tool to provide a convenient way for supermarket fuel card customers to find a Sainsbury's petrol station nearby. Sainsbury's has hundreds of fuel stations across the UK, so customers won't struggle to find a petrol station close at hand. 

Sainsbury's offers great value for customers using our Supermarket fuel card, you can even collect Nectar points at Sainsbury's fuel stations whilst on your travels. To find your nearest garage simply input your address, filter by our Supermarket card, and view the nearby stations!

Frequently asked questions

Is the Supermarket fuel card accepted at Asda fuel stations?

Unfortunately, our Supermarket fuel card cannot be used at Asda filling stations. It is however accepted at over 600 Tesco sites, 300 Morrisons and 300 Sainsbury’s sites.

If you prefer to refuel at Asda fuel stations, then we recommend our UK Fuels card which is accepted at 110 Asda sites across the UK.

What information will I need for the application?

Proof of Address and ID: 

  • Sole traders (<3 years at current address) - previous address required. 
  • All applicants - submit 2 proofs of address; see link for accepted docs. 
  • For trading address delivery - proof of address required; check the link for details. 
  • Every applicant - provide one proof of ID. 


  • Names and dates of birth for all partners. 

Director Authorisation:

  • Non-named Directors - director authorisation needed (via email). 

Bank Details for Direct Debit: 

  • No pre-paid bank accounts accepted. 
  • Partnerships with joint approval - complete Direct Debit form from the sales contact. 

Card Details: 

  • Cards customisable with driver names, registration plates, or designated as card 1, 2, 3.
Do Tesco do fuel cards?

You can use our supermarket fuel card or an Esso, UK Fuels or Keyfuels fuel card at a Tesco petrol station. Plus, you’ll be able to collect Tesco Clubcard fuel points too.

Is the UK Fuels card accepted at Asda?

Yes, the UK Fuels card is accepted at 110 Asda fuel stations across the UK. Use our site locator tool to see all the participating Asda stations you'll have access to. 

Forecourt flexibility

Supermarkets like Sainsbury's often have the cheapest pump price, but for fleets who travel longer distances and may be on the motorway more than around town, it may be worth considering an alternative or extra card to cover those journeys.  We provide cards from all major fuel brands and networks and would be happy to discuss the right option for you.