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Keyfuels card

With access to more than 3,000 fuel stations across the UK, the Keyfuels fuel card is the perfect choice for a wide range of fleets.

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look into how the Keyfuels fuel card works, where you can use it, and all the benefits that it offers.

What is a Keyfuels fuel card?

The Keyfuels fuel card allows drivers to securely purchase fuel from thousands of locations. Not only does this card offer significant savings on diesel, but it can also help businesses reduce time spent on admin as you have complete control over your fuel management 24/7 through our online account management system.  

How does a Keyfuels fuel card work?

The Keyfuels fuel card works in a similar way to a credit card but without the interest fees. Drivers simply fill up their vehicles at one of the pre-approved fuel stations and use their fuel card as payment. With this card, drivers will pay a fixed weekly price for standard diesel at every station in the Keyfuels network (surcharges apply at selected sites). To ensure that you’re aware of our current prices, we will send you weekly price notifications via email or text.

There’s no need for drivers to keep hold of receipts as all fuel transactions can be monitored online to allow businesses to easily track their spend. You’ll receive a single weekly invoice and then pay for the fuel that has been bought by direct debit. This gives businesses more control over their fuel expenditure as you can run reports on every fuel card and monitor driver behaviour and this information can then be used to help make your fleet more fuel-efficient.

Where can you use a Keyfuels fuel card?

As the Keyfuels network includes over 3,000 multi-branded sites, drivers have a wide selection of fuel stations that they can access across the UK. Many of these fuel stations are conveniently located close to major trunk roads and motorways which is ideal for fleets that are constantly on the move. In addition, there are almost 900 HGV sites within this network, so no matter what vehicles your fleet uses, the Keyfuels fuel card can work for you.

The Keyfuels fuel card is accepted at all Morrisons and Tesco sites, plus a selection of BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, and independent sites and so offers excellent coverage. However, it’s important to note that all Tesco sites (including Esso with a Tesco shop) are surcharged.

Our site locator highlights the specific fuel stations that accept the Keyfuels fuel card, making it easier for drivers to plan in advance where they can fill up their vehicle and so this can help save your business time and money.    

What are the benefits of a Keyfuels fuel card?

The Keyfuels fuel card offers a competitive fixed weekly price on diesel which can lead to significant savings, particularly when used at motorway sites. This will undoubtedly benefit businesses on a budget and those that are looking to reduce their fuel expenditure.

In addition to saving money on fuel, businesses can benefit from the range of security features that the Keyfuels fuel card offers, including PIN protection. Businesses can set individual limits on what can be spent on their fuel cards which can help to prevent unexpected charges and fraudulent activity. Our online account management system makes it easy for businesses to securely manage their fuel spend as they can monitor transactions, investigate any irregular activity and quickly cancel any lost cards.

Drivers can collect Tesco Clubcard points whenever they use their Keyfuels fuel card to fill up at a Tesco forecourt, and this can lead to exclusive savings and offers. This will aid drivers that are looking to save some money whilst on the road.

Businesses can also benefit from a Keyfuels fuel card as they’ll be able to access high-quality fuels from Shell, Texaco, Esso, and BP. This can help to ensure that your vehicles continue to run smoothly and can significantly reduce repair and maintenance costs.  

What else can I buy with a Keyfuels fuel card? 

Although this card is primarily designed for fuel payments, it can be used to purchase other products and services. Drivers can use their Keyfuels fuel card to pay for the M6 motorway toll, so there’s no need to carry cash or a credit card when travelling for business.

You can also pay for HGV and truck wash services at participating services and use your fuel card to pay for overnight HGV parking at selected locations. Drivers need to be mindful that surcharges do apply for non-fuel purchases, so we advise that you keep track of your spending to avoid any nasty surprises appearing on your invoice.

Why choose a Keyfuels fuel card?

The Keyfuels fuel card can be used by a wide range of fleets, including those with vans, LCVs, and HGVs, as it gives drivers access to the UK’s largest diesel bunker network. Many of the sites included in this network are in strategic refuelling locations, such as motorways and key cities and towns, so drivers will never be too far away from a station that will accept their Keyfuels fuel card.

This card is appealing to businesses as it’s simple to use and can help you save money. There’s no joining fee, minimum spend amount, or transaction fees and you only pay for the fuel that you use. Our transparent invoices also make it easier for you to reclaim fuel VAT from HMRC which significantly reduces the amount of time spent on admin.

How do I apply for a Keyfuels fuel card?

The Keyfuels fuel card is extremely versatile which makes it the ideal choice for many businesses. Applying for a Keyfuels fuel card is simple, all you need to do is fill out this online form. However, if you require more information about how this fuel card, then contact our team today. Alternatively, you can use our quick comparison tool to get a recommendation on which fuel card your fleet could benefit from using.   

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