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UK Fuels card

UK Fuels is one of the largest fuel card networks in the UK, making it a popular choice for businesses that travel nationwide. The UK Fuels fuel card also offers many additional benefits, such as increased security for fuel payments, competitive fixed weekly prices, and access to quality fuels.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed summary of how the UK Fuels fuel card works and how it can potentially save your business time and money.

What is a UK Fuels fuel card?

A UK Fuels fuel card allows fleets to purchase fuel from pre-approved stations and vendors and is designed to help make your fuel management more efficient and less time-consuming.

How does a UK Fuels fuel card work?

Drivers can use a UK Fuels fuel card to conveniently pay for their fuel at over 3,600 fuel stations. When you receive your fuel card, you will be provided with your own online account management system where you can easily manage all your fuel cards and run detailed transaction reports. This will help to reduce the time spent on admin and allow you to track your fuel expenditure.

With this card, you pay a fixed weekly price for diesel (surcharges apply at selected sites) and you’ll receive price notifications via email or text, so you’re always up-to-date with our current prices. This will particularly help those that regularly travel on motorways to save money on fuel as this price is usually less than that at the pump. You will be sent a weekly invoice from Right Fuel Card detailing how much drivers have spent on their fuel cards and then you’ll pay for the fuel that has been bought. Instead of collecting receipts of fuel purchases, businesses can download and print their weekly invoices, making it easier to reclaim fuel VAT.

Where can you use a UK Fuels fuel card?

UK Fuels is a multi-branded fuel network that contains over 3,600 fuel stations, all of which accept the UK Fuels card. There is a wide selection of sites that are included in this network, such as Morrisons, Tesco, BP, Shell and many more. However, drivers should be aware that all Tesco sites (including Esso with a Tesco shop) and all Sainsbury’s sites are surcharged.

These fuel stations are conveniently located across the UK, benefitting fleets that travel both locally and nationally. Within the network, there are almost 900 HGV-friendly sites, nearly 200 motorway/truck stop sites and many 24-hour locations. Fleets that contain different vehicle types can therefore use this fuel card as most drivers will be able to access fuel stations without having to deviate from their route significantly.

Our site locator allows you to locate the nearest fuel station that accepts the UK Fuels card, so you can plan your journeys in advance.

What are the benefits of a UK Fuels fuel card?

In addition to cost savings and easy access to a wide range of fuel stations, the UK Fuels fuel card has a whole host of other benefits.

With a UK Fuels fuel card, businesses are provided with greater control over their fuel expenditure and drivers are provided with a secure means of payment for fuel, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity. With our 24/7 card management system, you can determine what can be spent on each card, set spending limits for your drivers and order new cards whenever your fleet grows.

Drivers can collect loyalty points whenever they fill up at Tesco and Sainsbury’s forecourts, giving them access to exclusive offers and savings. This will benefit those on budget, or those that frequently use supermarket fuel stations.

Alternatively, if your priority is to keep your vehicles in excellent condition then you may want to take advantage of a UK Fuels fuel card, as drivers can access high-quality fuels from Shell, Texaco, Esso, and BP.

To help give back to the wider community, Right Fuel Card will make a donation to the Leeds Children’s Charity for every litre of fuel bought with a UK Fuels fuel card. This means that businesses can make a difference to children’s lives simply by filling up with fuel.

What else can I buy with a UK Fuels fuel card?

The use of a UK Fuels fuel card is not limited to just fuel, as AdBlue can also be purchased at almost 500 fuel stations. Some diesel vehicles require AdBlue to help reduce their harmful emissions and so it’s important to ensure that this is regularly topped up, particularly if you regularly embark on long journeys.

Why choose a UK Fuels fuel card?

Whether you have a fleet of LCVs, HGVs, or vans, the UK Fuels fuel card can help save you money on every litre of fuel. Its extensive network has the perfect combination of local supermarket forecourts and fuel stations located on motorways and ‘A’ roads, allowing drivers to conveniently fill up with fuel, wherever your business takes them.

Businesses that currently use company credit cards to pay for fuel may be paying high costs in interest fees. However, with a UK Fuels fuel card, there is no interest charged on purchases which will help you to save money year on year. Furthermore, using a fuel card is simpler than a pay and reclaim scheme, as businesses will receive one single invoice that breaks down all your fuel costs.

How do I apply for a UK Fuels fuel card?

The UK Fuels fuel card is ideal for businesses with fleets of LCVs and HGVs and comes with many benefits. If this sounds like the right card for you, then you can apply online today. This application will request information such as your typical fuel spend and the number of vehicles in your fleet. We will also perform a credit check and request your bank details

If you’d like to discuss your fuel card options further, then contact our team at 0113 202 5110 or alternatively you can use our quick comparison tool which will help determine which fuel card is best for your business.  

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