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Get great flexibility across a large network with our UKFuels fuel card

As one of the largest fuel card networks with fixed weekly pricing, the UKFuels fuel card could be the best for your business.

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UKFuels Fuel card

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UK Fuels Card

UK Fuels


Access more than 3,600 fuel stations on the UK Fuels network, including Tesco and Morrisons.  Within the network are almost 900 HGV friendly sites and 198 motorway / truck stop sites.  Plus, almost 500 with pumped AdBlue!


Pay a fixed weekly price for diesel and receive price notifications via email or text (surcharges apply at selected sites).

Please note: All Tesco sites (including Esso with a Tesco shop) and Sainsbury's are surcharged.

Perfect for

Businesses with fleets of LCVs and HGVs

Not sure which fuel card you need?

A UK Fuels fuel card offers you access to a network that is the perfect combination of local supermarket forecourts and fuel sites located on motorways and ‘A’ roads. If you want a fuel card that offers you extensive network coverage and competitive pricing look no further than the UK Fuels fuel card.

Running a fleet of vans, LCVS or HGVs? Then the UK Fuels card is a fuel card you should consider. It offers access to a wide range of supermarket forecourts and major fuel suppliers. This includes Morrisons and Tesco sites, as well as some Esso, BP, Total and Moto stations.

In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of a single competitive weekly price for your diesel, which can help to reduce your overheads.

More reasons to choose a UKFuels fuel card

  • Collect Tesco Clubcard points when filling up at all Tesco stations and participating Esso sites
  • Right Fuel Card  will make a donation to the Leeds Children’s Charity for every litre of fuel bought

Frequently asked questions

How can the Right Fuel Card company help my business?

Our fuel cards help you make your fuel management more efficient and less time consuming. Find out why you should choose The Right Fuelcard Company or get in touch to know more about how we can help you.

Can I discuss my fuel card options with you before applying?

Sure, our team will be happy to give you all the information and advise you on the best fuel card for your business. Please give us a call on 0113 202 5110 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Where can I use my UK Fuels fuel card?

A UK Fuels fuel card offers you access to a network that is the perfect combination of local supermarket forecourts and fuel sites located on motorways and ‘A’ roads. It can be used at Tesco and Morrisons sites as well as selected Shell, Esso, BP, Texaco stations and many more. (Surcharges apply at selected sites)

Do Tesco filling stations accept the UK Fuels fuel card?

The UK Fuels fuel card is accepted at over 600 Tesco filling stations as well as Morrisons sites and selected Shell, Esso, BP, Texaco stations, and many more. The extensive network includes access to over 3,000 stations across the UK.

(Surcharges apply at selected sites)

How to use a UK Fuels fuel card.

A fuel card is the easy way to pay for fuel that can save you both time and money. When your UK Fuels card arrives, it’s already activated and ready to use. Some service stations will require a signature but just ensure you have your PIN handy in case you use a PIN enabled site. You can collect this from your Online Account which is accessible 24/7.

Using our site locator, find your nearest station or stations along your route that accept the UK Fuels card. Fill up and pay using your fuel card. This is a fixed weekly price card which means you receive price notification for the week ahead. There’s no need to keep hold of receipts as we’ll send you an HMRC approved invoice for fuel you’ve used. It’s that simple!

(Surcharges apply at selected sites)

What is a UK Fuels fuel card?

Fuel cards are the easiest and most efficient way to pay for business fuel.

The UK Fuels fuel cards can be used at more than 3,000 multi-branded service stations, including Tesco and Morrisons and selected Shell, Esso, BP, Texaco stations. Sites are strategically located on motorways and in urban areas, so this card is perfect for fleets of vans, LCVs, and HGVs (surcharges apply at selected sites).

It operates on a fixed weekly price for diesel which we send out weekly price notifications for via email or text – so you’re always crystal clear on pricing.

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