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The Texaco Fast Fuel card offers fleet drivers fantastic nationwide coverage and competitive fuel prices. Tell us about your fuel usage

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Texaco Fast Fuels fuel card

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The Texaco Fast Fuels card provides national network coverage across more than 3000 fast fuel locations, including Texaco’s 800 fuel stations. Our site locator can be used to help drivers plan their routes in advance as they can take note of the fuel stations across the UK that accept the Texaco fuel card.

Drivers will pay a fixed weekly price on diesel with their Texaco Fast Fuels cards, helping businesses save businesses money. There is no need to collect fuel receipts as you will be sent a weekly invoice that can be used for VAT reclaim. This also allows businesses to easily track their fuel expenditure and monitor every transaction made by the vehicles in their fleet.

Fast Fuels

Texaco Fast Fuels


Our Texaco Fast Fuels cards provide access to the full Texaco and UK fuels networks – over 3000 forecourts in total!


Businesses will pay a fixed weekly price for diesel vehicles with these fuelcards and will receive price notifications via email or text. 

One fixed rate at except Tesco (inc. Tesco/Esso) and Sainsburys where surcharges apply.

Perfect for

The Texaco Fastfuels fuel card is ideal for businesses with fleets of vans and LCVs.

Particularly great for rural locations.

Try The Texaco and Fastfuel Card Solution

Texaco Fast Fuels cards provide access to thousands of fuel stations across the UK and can help businesses save time and money. Whether your fleet contains HGVs or vans, the Texaco Fast Fuels card can benefit your business and allow you to monitor your vehicle’s expenditure.

Find the nearest fuel stations

The Texaco card has a large network of local and national fuel stations and over 3,000 fuel stations currently accept this card. Businesses can find their local fastfuel station through our site locator.

Detailed transaction reports

Our online account management system gives businesses complete control over their fuel card management. With this system, businesses can run detailed transaction reports, allowing them to monitor all fuel payments by card, driver, or vehicle.

Manage your fuel cards securely

For added security, businesses can limit the amount of fuel that can be drawn on their Texaco Fast Fuel cards which reduces the risk of them being misused. In addition, all transactions that take place at Texaco sites are PIN protected, providing peace of mind for fleet owners. These measures allow drivers to use their fastfuel cards securely and could help to prevent fuel card fraud.

More reasons to choose a Fast Fuels card

  • Access to more than 3000 fast fuel stations, including 800 Texaco sites and 300 Morrisons sites. 
  • No minimum spend or non-usage fees.
  • Detailed transaction reports that can help to track fuel expenditure. 
  • Competitive fixed weekly prices for diesel vehicles.

Find your nearest Texaco and Fast Fuel Locations

It's simple for fast fuel card customers to find a Texaco petrol station nearby, with access to over 3000 fuel stations across the UK, Texaco & Fast Fuels offer great coverage for their customers. To find your nearest location, just enter your postcode into our site locator and we'll show you the location of your nearest fast fuel card location. With competitive prices, an array of other services, along with an abundance of fuel stations nationwide - the fast fuels solution really does provide convenience and value.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use a Fast Fuels card?

The Fast fuels card is perfect for car and LCV fleets. With access to Texaco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco as well as other independent forecourts, your fleet will never be far away from a place to fuel up.

Use our site locator to find your nearest forecourts.

What can I purchase with a Fast Fuels card?

Texaco Fast Fuel cards can be used for both petrol and diesel so is perfect for mixed fleets. In addition, your account can be set up to accept purchases of AdBlue and other relevant products.

Can I discuss whether a Fast Fuel card is the right option for me before applying?

Of course, our team will be happy to give you all the information and advise you on the best fuel card for your business. Please give us a call on 0113 202 5110 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

What petrol stations accept Texaco Fast Fuel cards?

The Texaco Fast Fuel card offers the perfect fixed price fuel card for light commercial vehicles, vans and car fleets. With access to over 3,000 Texaco & UK Fuels sites, the convenience of a Fast Fuels card is worth every penny.

Can I use a Texaco Fast Fuel card at the supermarket fuel stations?

As well as Texaco and Uk Fuels, you can also fill up at supermarkets like Morrisons, Co-Op, Sainsburys and Tesco with your fast fuel card.

Are Texaco and Fast Fuels the same company?

Texaco are a worldwide oil company, producing a variety of fuel and oil-related products. Fastfuels is their fuel card offering, aimed at fleets and LGV companies in the UK.

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