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Texaco fuel card

There are a wide range of fuel cards on the market, so it’s essential that businesses carefully consider their options. For those looking for a fuel card that offers fantastic network coverage at a competitive fixed weekly price then the Texaco Fast Fuels card would be an excellent choice. With access to more than 4000 Fast Fuel stations, drivers can conveniently fill up no matter where your business takes them. This would be particularly beneficial for those who travel in rural locations and those who use a variety of different fuel stations.

Businesses can easily track their fuel expenditure through our online account management system which provides detailed transaction reports, helping to reduce time spent on admin. This allows businesses to manage their Texaco Fast Fuels cards securely and reduce the risk of them being misused which could prevent fuel card fraud.

In this guide, we will highlight how the Texaco Fast Fuels card works and the benefits that it offers to businesses.   

What is a Texaco Fast Fuels card? 

The Texaco Fast Fuels card allows drivers to conveniently pay for their fuel from pre-approved stations and vendors. With these fuel cards, you’ll pay a fixed weekly price for diesel vehicles at all fuel stations within the network. To keep you up to date with your current prices, we will send you price notifications via email or text. Payment for all fuel drawings made with your fuel card will then be taken weekly by Direct Debit. This helps to make VAT reclaim easier as drivers no longer need to keep hold of receipts which will also reduce the time spent on admin.

The Texaco Fast Fuels card is ideal for businesses with fleets of vans and LCVs due to its extensive network coverage and competitive prices. These cards also have the added security feature of being PIN protected, giving businesses peace of mind about their drivers that are on the road.

How does it differ from a Texaco fuel card?

Texaco is a worldwide oil company that produces a range of fuel and oil-related products. Fastfuels is one of their fuel cards which is primarily aimed at fleets in the UK that contain vans and LCVs. Therefore, the Texaco Fast Fuels card does not differ from a Texaco fuel card as essentially, they’re the same product.

However, the Texaco Fast Fuels card should not confused with the Texaco The Business card as they have different pricing systems and do not have the same network coverage.

Why choose a Texaco Fast Fuels card?

The Texaco Fast Fuels card is cost-effective and convenient, making it the ideal choice for businesses. Not only can you access competitive prices for fuel, but drivers can also collect loyalty points at Tesco and Sainsbury’s which can lead to exclusive savings and offers. At Right Fuel Card, we charge a simple flat monthly fee per card, and you only pay for the fuel you use. This allows businesses to accurately budget for their weekly fuel spend and save money in the long term.

The security features of the Texaco Fast Fuels card give businesses greater control over their fuel expenditure. Use of this fuel card is restricted to fuel, lubricants, and AdBlue and spending limits can be implemented to prevent its misuse. As all transactions can be monitored online, you’ll have a full overview of what has been purchased on each card and check when purchases were made, helping you to keep track of your driver’s activities.

Where can the Texaco Fast Fuels card be used? 

The Texaco Fast Fuels card has superb network coverage and can be used at over 4,000 forecourts across the UK. This means that drivers can conveniently fill up their vehicles without having to significantly detour from their proposed routes. This card provides access to a wide range of fuel stations, including 750 Texaco sites, popular supermarkets, BP, Shell, and Esso. In addition, the Texaco Fast Fuels card allows drivers to use the UK Fuels network of independent fuel stations which includes over 600 truck stops. Drivers will never be too far away from a supporting fuel station and the variety of forecourts that can be accessed provides drivers with a choice of fuels. This includes premium which can help to improve vehicle performance.

Drivers can use our site locator to find the nearest fuel stations and plan their routes in advance. This tool also highlights the facilities that are available, such as toilets, 24/7 opening hours and HGV access.

Which supermarkets accept the Texaco Fast Fuels card? 

The Texaco Fast Fuels card can be used at a range of different supermarkets that are accessibly located in both rural and urban areas, which is ideal for drivers that need to travel nationwide. There are hundreds of supermarket fuel stations that accept this card, including Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and the Co-Op. There is one fixed price for fuel at all stations in this network, however, surcharges do apply at Tesco (including Tesco/Esso sites), Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s.

Drivers can collect loyalty points at participating Tesco and Sainsbury’s forecourts which will benefit fleets running on a budget. Most supermarkets accept the Texaco Fast Fuels card, making it easy for drivers to refuel their vehicles without having to take long detours. This can help businesses to save money on their fuel expenditure. There’s also no need to keep hold of paper receipts as all transactions can be monitored online, reducing the time spent on admin.

How do I use a Texaco Fast Fuels card?

Using a Texaco Fast Fuels card is the same as using a debit card, credit card or any other business credit. Simply use our site locator to find your local fuel station, fill up the tank of your vehicle and then present your fuel card to the cashier as normal. Your business will receive a weekly invoice detailing all transactions and then they’ll pay for the fuel bought via direct debit. To help make the management of your fuel cards simpler, we can print your company name and vehicle registration number on the front of each physical fuel card if necessary.

Not only can the Texaco Fast Fuels card be used to pay for fuel, but it can also be used to purchase other essential items, such as lubricants and AdBlue (subject to surcharges). This is easier for drivers as it means they won’t need to worry about carrying cash or company cards.

What fuel does Texaco sell?

Texaco offers high-quality fuels that have been specially formulated to help improve efficiency and keep your vehicle’s engine clean. They sell premium unleaded and diesel as standard and supreme unleaded and supreme diesel fuels at selected fuel stations.

The Texaco Fast Fuels card can be used to purchase both diesel and supreme diesel fuels, however, the supreme diesel fuel is subject to surcharges. As Texaco’s supreme diesel contains a performance additive, it can help to improve engine performance and fuel economy, making it a popular choice for fleets. This can help to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, reducing the need for repairs and engine maintenance which will save your business money in the long run.

Is Texaco fuel better than supermarket fuel?

Premium fuels, such as Texaco supreme diesel, have a higher-octane rating than some other fuels that are offered at the pumps. Although Texaco supreme diesel can improve fuel efficiency this is dependent on the type of vehicle. High-performance vehicles may benefit from its use but for many other vehicles, the difference in performance will be minimal, so it’s worth researching this before you refuel.

Despite not containing the same additives as Texaco supreme diesel, supermarket fuel can be easily accessed by drivers on the move and is a budget-friendly alternative that will benefit smaller fleets.

How to apply for Texaco Fast Fuels card

The Texaco Fast Fuels card is the ideal choice for many fleets as it can be used at thousands of fuel stations across the UK and offers various other benefits that can help save your business time and money. With this card, there’s no minimum spend, or non-usage fees and drivers pay competitive fixed weekly prices for diesel vehicles. In order to help businesses track their fuel expenditure, we provide detailed transaction reports which can be viewed 24/7 via our online account management system.  

At Right Fuel Card we put our customers first, so we have a dedicated account management team who are on hand to help you make the most of your Texaco Fast Fuels card. If you’d like to find out more about how this card could benefit your business, then contact us today. Alternatively, you can use our quick comparison tool to determine the best card for your business.

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