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Tesco fuel cards: find the Right one for your business

Maximise your fuel savings with the Tesco fuel card and enjoy low-cost petrol at Tesco, plus collect Tesco Clubcard points. Your journey to efficient and economical refuelling starts here!

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Savings on the fast lane: Tesco fuel cards in action

Tesco proudly offers some of the most competitive fuel prices in the UK. Now, picture unlocking exclusive discounts tailored for our members. That's the advantage these supermarket fuel cards bring to businesses – a professional and friendly boost to your savings. 

Whether you choose Right Fuel Card’s supermarket fuel card or an Esso, UK Fuels or Keyfuels fuel card, you’ll be able to collect Tesco Clubcard fuel points at hundreds of stations across the UK. 

With the Tesco Clubcard, you earn 1 point for every £2 you spend on fuel. At an Esso petrol station with a Tesco Express, it's 1 point for every £3 you spend on fuel.  

Vouchers can be used at Tesco stores, online, at petrol stations or on other rewards such as flying clubs, fitness memberships and days out. 

Tesco petrol station

Tesco petrol stations near me

It's easy to find the nearest Tesco filling station using our site locator tool. Tesco and Esso have a wide range of fuel stations across the UK offering both convenience and value for Tesco customers. 

Our site locator tool is designed to help you find the nearest petrol station to you. All you need to do is enter your postcode or town/city and the locator will show you where your nearest Tesco petrol station is. 

Remember - you don't need a Tesco Clubcard to get value for money pump prices. Anyone can take advantage of our low prices just by paying with either our Supermarket fuel card, Esso, UK Fuels or Keyfuels fuel card.

Benefits of Tesco Fuel Cards

Cost savings 

With our fuel cards, you'll have access to competitive fuel prices at Tesco, helping you manage and reduce fuel expenses. 


Streamlined transactions and hassle-free fuel management, enhancing overall operational efficiency for businesses. 

Tailored solutions 

We offer a range of fuel card options that you can use at Tesco, so you can choose a card that aligns with your specific needs and usage patterns. 


With numerous Tesco petrol stations across the UK, fueling up is convenient, and cardholders can easily locate the nearest Tesco filling station. 

Clubcard points 

Earn Tesco Clubcard points on fuel purchases, providing additional perks and rewards for loyal customers. 

Detailed reporting 

Reduce administrative expenses with user-friendly online tools. 

Nationwide acceptance 

Tesco fuel cards are widely accepted, providing businesses with flexibility and convenience when traveling across the country. 


Our fuel card security features reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorised usage.  

How to apply for a Tesco fuel card  

Apply for a Tesco fuel card online in minutes. Completing the application form is quick and involves providing essential details about your fleet, such as the estimated monthly fuel expenditure and the number of vehicles in use. After this, we'll perform a credit check on your business, and we'll request 1 proof of ID and 2 proofs of address

Once your business has passed the credit check, we'll send your fuel cards to the requested address. These can be individually inscribed with the names of your drivers, so you can easily keep track of their fuel spend. Your fuel cards will be active and ready to use on arrival, and you can find the PIN for each one through our online account management system.

Person at fuel pumps


How can I get my Tesco Clubcard fuel points?

Make the most of your Tesco Clubcard at petrol stations—it works just like it does in the store. Simply present your Clubcard at the checkout, let them swipe it, and watch your points add up. 

The points you earn depend on where you refuel. At Tesco stations, you'll earn 1 point for every £2 spent. But if you go for an Esso station, you'll earn 1 point for every £3 spent. Your Tesco Clubcard makes every fill-up a rewarding experience.

Can I use a BP fuel card at Tesco?

The type of BP fuel card you own determines where you can use it. BP Pump Price allow you to use your fuel card at non-BP sites, including Esso, Texaco and some Gulf sites. If you're fueling up at a Tesco Alliance station in partnership with Esso and displaying the BP acceptance logo, you can use your BP Pump Price fuel card there.   

You cannot use BP cards at non-Esso Tesco sites.

What fuel cards do Tesco accept?

Tesco accepts a number of fuel cards, each one with its individual benefits. While they don't have their own fuel card, the supermarket chain accepts a number of cards, including (but not limited to) our Supermarket fuel card and UK Fuels fuel card. 

Tesco stores partnered with Esso will also accept Texaco, Keyfuels, and BP Pump Price. If you're unsure which card is best for your business, use our fuel card comparison tool.

Every refuel counts

Whilst Tesco may be your preferred place to fill up, we know how important it is for businesses to be flexible.   

With Right Fuel Card, you're not restricted to particular card types and may find that having a card accepted by Tesco and another forecourt provider is useful.

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