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When a traffic accident occurs, anything you do, anything you can say, can have an impact on what happens next.

Driving incidents are the only situations where the driver could be questioned without formal representation.  Drivers are at their most vulnerable in the immediate minutes after an incident and can often say or do something to incriminate themselves at the scene, making it much harder to defend them later down the line if or when they are charged with an offence.

It’s not just drivers who are vulnerable. Employers are too.

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What is Right Protect?

Right Protect is a dedicated 24/7 phone helpline to get specialist legal advice in the event of a blue light incident.

  • Exclusive dedicated telephone number for Right Fuel Card customers
  • 24/7 roadside support
  • Gives you and your drivers (if you have them) immediate legal advice on what to do/not do in the event of an incident.
  • Just £2 per month, per card

Cases are won and lost at the roadside. Give your business the best chance of winning by adding Right Protect to your fuel card account.

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Right Protect or Insurance Legal Cover?

In most instances, legal cover added to insurance premiums does NOT provide immediate advice when an incident occurs.  

A driver can be left vulnerable at the scene when initially questioned at the roadside and, in most cases, are only eligible for Legal Aid representation during the initial interview at a police station.

Right Protect provides immediate advice giving you peace of mind until your insurance legal service becomes available:

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24/7 Phone line
Incidents don't just occur between 9am and 5pm. That's why we make sure legal support is available around the clock
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Coverage across Great Britain
No matter where you are across England, Wales or Scotland.  Right Protect is there for you 24/7.
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Low cost
At only £2 per month per card, you could get 24/7 legal access for less than £25 per vehicle for the full year!

How does Right Protect work?

If you're a new customer, you can add Right Protect during your application.  Existing customer should complete our request form below.  Right Protect will be available to you 7 days after your account is opened / the product is requested.

After emergency services have been called, follow these three steps:

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Add Right Potect to your Account

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Don't become a statistic

In 2022, over 18,000 commercial vehicles were involved in a collision, with almost 1 in every 25 proving fatal.  

We've worked with LMP Legal to identify the key common-sense tips to ensure you and those driving for your business remain safe on the roads.

Read our tips

Trial by Roadside - based on real-life events

LMP Legal held a Trial by Roadside event to show the real-life consequences of a road accident. Without the right legal support, you could incriminate yourself at the roadside which could lead to a prison sentence. 

With Right Protect, the outcome could have been different. 

Read about the Trial By Roadside

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