What Is A Fuelcard?

Manage your fleet easily, simplify expenses and save money at the pumps

If you’ve never come across a fuel card before, it’s essentially a payment card that’s restricted to the purchase of fuel, and sometimes vehicle-related expenses such as glass repair, tyre replacement or the M6 motorway toll. On top of this, you can choose from a wide range of fuel cards that provide access to the sites of major fuel brands or supermarket fuel providers, or a mixture of both.

This makes a fuel card a great alternative to a corporate card or company credit card, because your drivers can’t use the fuel card to make purchases they don’t have permission for. You also benefit from extra control and security because the card can be assigned to an individual driver or specific vehicle, or both. And unlike a credit card, there is no interest charged on purchases made on a fuel card.

What many of our clients also love about their fuel card is that it makes life easier for them and their drivers. Instead of having to faff around and keep physical receipts for fuel, you receive a single VAT invoice. This makes expenses much simpler to manage, claiming back your VAT a doddle, and the invoice you receive is approved by HMRC too.

Saving you money and time

We offer two types of pricing for our fuel cards: fixed weekly price and pump price.

Choose a fixed weekly price card and every litre of fuel you buy on that card will be charged at a fixed price throughout the week. This means you‘ll be able to stabilise your overall fuel cost, manage your finances with no price fluctuations and benefit from competitive pricing. All of which could help to save you plenty of money and time throughout the year.

Alternatively, if you go for a pump price card, you’ll be charged the price at the pump every time you refuel. This type of card makes everything simple and transparent and is widely accepted for diesel and unleaded petrol across the UK. As with our fixed weekly price cards, you’ll also have access to our account management system, which is great for cutting the time you spend on admin.

And it’s not just companies that benefit from the use of a fuel card. Employees do too, and especially if they pay for fuel out of their own pocket and then have to wait for an expenses claim to come through. That’s because if they start to use a fuel card you’ve assigned to them, the cost of their fuel will be charged directly to your business from day one. This leaves their bank balance unaffected and keeps everything super simple.

The typical fuel card process

So now you have a much better idea of what a fuel card is and the many benefits it offers, we thought we’d give you a step-by-step rundown of how you can start saving time and money.

  1. Call us on 0113 202 5110 to speak to one of our expert advisers who will work with you to identify the best fuel card for you and your company.
  2. Once you receive your chosen fuel cards through the post, hand each one out to its relevant driver (their name will be embossed on the card).
  3. Each of your drivers can use our online petrol station finder to find fuel sites which accept their fuel card.
  4. Your drivers fill up as normal and pay for their fuel with their fuel card.
  5. If you have a pump price card, your company is charged the price at the pump. If you have a fixed weekly price card, your company is charged the notified fixed price.
  6. All purchases made on your fuel cards are invoiced to you and payment is taken via direct debit.
  7. You can view a wealth of information about all the payments made on each of your fuel cards in our free account management system.
  8. Over a cup of tea, you wonder why you never did this years ago.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about fuel cards, including which is the right one for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 202 5110 or complete our enquiry form. Our friendly, expert team of advisers would love to hear from you.