Get the RIGHT site for your Right Fuel Card

Introducing a new site locator app from Right Fuel Card which shows you eight networks in one app.  Choose from Shell, BP, Esso, Texaco, UK Fuels, Key Fuels and supermarket only.  Filter to one fuel card or multiple types. Search out your nearest forecourt or plan a route.    

Available to download NOW for the iPhone and iPad on the apple App Store, and the Google Play Store.

Choose your fuel card(s)

Select the fuel cards you have to get a filtered view showing only those forecourts which will accept your card.

Select "skip this step" to see our full coverage.  Clicking on individual location pins will tell you which cards are valid at specific forecourts.

Map out where sites are

Our handy map with branded pins give you an easy to see view of which forecourts are in your area.

To browse areas, simply move the map around and click 'search here' which will appear at the top.

Choose a location or map a route

The app will ask permission to use your in built GPS, making it simple to find your nearest forecourt.  You can  use the location option to search by postcode or town or see which forecourts are between two points using the route planner.

Check amenities

Need to spend a penny whilst buying a fuel?  We've got you!  Use our handy filters and we'll only show you forecourts with selected amenities.

NOTE: Information is provided by the networks. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions.

Detailed forecourt information

Each pin provides detailed information on forecourts so you know which cards are accepted, facilities available and if the site is a bunker or core site.

Click directions to pass location details directly through to Google Maps.

Summary forecourt information

Easily see how many of each brand are in your selected area.  Click on the brand to simply filter by that brand.

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