All about Right Fuel Card

The Right Fuelcard Company is an independent distributor of fuel cards with a mission: simplify the fuel management of businesses across the UK.

Founded in 2011, The Right Fuelcard Company initially launched as a distributor of Shell fuel cards, one of the UK’s leading premium fuel brands.
We then formed a partnership with Rontec UK, a consortium that had acquired Total‘s fuel card customers. As a result of the disappearance of the Total brand in the UK, The Right Fuelcard Company was tasked with facilitating the seamless transition of Total fuel card customers over to Shell fuel cards. We developed a joint branded fuel card which was sent to all Total fuel cards holders. This partnership saw the business grow dramatically overnight, with the customer base swelling to more than 11,000 accounts.
Since the partnership, The Right Fuelcard Company has further supported Rontec with the additions of Esso and Keyfuels distributorship, which enabled Rontec forecourts’ customers to keep using their fuel cards. In 2015 we successfully signed a deal with UK Fuels, leading European group of fuel management solutions, to become a distributor of UK Fuels cards.
We are headquartered in Leeds.

The Team

We are a close-knit group that know a thing or two about fuel cards and go the extra mile to help our customers manage their fuel. We work with every kind of business, from small and medium companies to large organisations operating nationwide, providing the same level of service to all: friendly, personal and reliable.
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