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RightPay – Our Prepaid Business Fuel card

If you are looking for the ultimate in control in fuel cost management, our prepaid fuel card, RightPay, could be the right option for you. 

By using a prepaid Fuelcard your company can also benefit from better security, reduced administration costs and powerful fleet management tools in comparison to cash or a credit card. Find out more below and at, and then speak to our expert team about whether a prepaid fuel card is the right choice for you.

Access over 3,000 fuel sites across the UK

Pay a weekly fixed price for diesel

Ideal for businesses with all types of fleets

Please note that new RightPay customers are required to have a minimum spend.
To see which other fuel card options may be suitable use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

Prepaid Fuel Card Benefits For Your Company

With our RightPay fuel card you have a huge choice of forecourts, improved control, less time on admin & powerful management and reporting. See all the benefits to our card below:

You specify what can be bought
With a prepaid fuel card, you can decide exactly what a driver can purchase. This may be simply fuel, or you may specify that a card can be used for additional extras as well, such as car washes, glass repair or lubricants (surcharges apply).

You get a fixed weekly price
Your prepaid fuel card gives you access to fixed weekly fuel prices which are typically set at a very competitive rate.

Streamlined administration
Using a prepaid fuel card option provides more control over the management of your fleet, leading to a reduction in administration costs. Instead of being swamped by expenses claims & credit card bills, simply track every drop of fuel purchased and get one simple weekly invoice.

If you use a credit card for fuel purchases, you might be incurring hundreds – maybe thousands – of pounds in interest every year. With a prepaid fuel card this unnecessary fee is gone forever.

Prepaid Fuel Card Benefits For Your Employees

No need to use their own cash or credit card

No need for them to submit claims for payback

No need to keep receipts

Just a simple card to fuel and go!

Frequently asked questions

Can you get a prepaid fuel card?

Yes, you can get prepaid fuel cards. Prepaid fuel cards are a popular option amongst fleet owners because they offer a great deal of security and cut down on admin costs but provide all the benefits of a typical fuel card. If you're interested in a prepaid card, speak with us today.

What is a prepaid fuel card?

A prepaid fuel card is a card that is already topped up with money. A typical fuel card is charged per week after the card has been used for fuel, but a prepaid one allows fleet owners further control over how much is spent on fuel. However, in emergencies, a prepaid fuel card can be restrictive.

What benefits does a prepaid fuel card offer me?

Just like our other fuel cards, a prepaid fuel card offers huge benefits for your company as well as significant advantages for your employees.

How does a prepaid card differ from other fuel cards?

The biggest difference is that with a prepaid fuel card you use your 24/7 online account to top up your credit with a debit or credit card. This is instead of being billed after a set period, which is typically every week.