Choosing our prepaid fuel card, RightPay, for your business is an excellent way to save your company money on its fuel spend, plus you don’t have to undergo a credit check. In comparison to using a credit card for buying fuel, your company can also benefit from better security, reduced administration costs and powerful fleet management tools. Find out more below and at, and then speak to our expert team about whether a prepaid fuel card is the right choice for you.

Access over 2,500 fuel sites across the UK
Pay a weekly fixed price for diesel
Ideal for businesses with all types of fleets

Financial Gains

Competitive price 
Your prepaid fuel card gives you access to fixed weekly fuel prices which are typically set at a very competitive rate.

Reduced administration costs
Using prepaid fuel cards will definitely simplify the management of your fleet, which in turn can lead to a reduction in administration costs. Instead of being swamped by expenses claims & credit card bills, you’ll be able to easily track every drop of fuel.

No interest on purchases
You might be incurring hundreds – maybe thousands – of pounds in interest every year. Start to use prepaid fuel cards and this unnecessary fee is gone forever.

Huge Choice of Stations

Our RightPay fuel card gives you access to over 2,500 fuel stations across the UK. This means you can refuel at hundreds of sites run by major brands such as Shell and BP, as well as lots of local sites managed by supermarket fuel providers such as Tesco and Morrisons.


On top of this, drivers can use our online site locator to easily find their nearest fuel site and plot alternative routes which may take less time and use less fuel.

Improved Control

You specify what can be bought
With a prepaid fuel card, you can decide exactly what a driver can purchase. This may be simply fuel, or you may specify that a card can be used for additional extras as well, such as car washes, glass repair or lubricants (surcharges apply).

Fuel fraud reduced
Fuel cards make fuel fraud much harder to commit. That’s because you can track every transaction made on your RightPay fuel card in your online account. This makes checking for any unusual activity very straightforward.

Better security

Protection is beefed up by the fact that all our cards are either chip and PIN, swipe and PIN or swipe & signature.

Less Time On Admin

Simpler process and easier payment
When you use a prepaid fuel card, you can say goodbye to your company’s pay and reclaim scheme. Instead, your company will receive one single statement that breaks down all your fuel costs.


VAT made easy
If a driver doesn’t provide a receipt for a fuel purchase, the VAT on that purchase is unrecoverable. With a fuel card you’ll be able to view all your company’s fuel transactions; in addition, every invoice you receive from The Right Fuelcard Company will be HMRC approved and provide a clear VAT breakdown.

Powerful Management & Reporting

As one of our customers, you’ll gain access to The Right Fuelcard Company’s excellent account management system. This allows you to easily manage multiple fuel cards, including retrieving PIN numbers, cancelling lost cards and ordering additional cards.


You can also monitor the fuel transactions for each card, view and print new and historical invoices, and run reports so you can understand your expenditure better and identify ways to save money.

Benefits For Your Employees

Hassle free payment
We’re positive none of your drivers want to carry large amounts of cash in their vehicles; and although company credit cards can solve this problem, they require a driver to keep track of their purchases and manage lots of receipts.


Far less paperwork

HMRC keeps a very watchful eye on employee expenses and fuel costs. This means your drivers must be diligent at keeping their receipts from fuel stations – something that may cause you plenty of logistical headaches.


No costs upfront
If your company runs a pay and reclaim scheme, there will always be a gap between your employees paying for fuel out of their pocket and receiving this money back after submitting an expenses claim.


A prepaid fuel card can ease these processes, making things simple!

Here’s some of our most frequently asked prepaid fuel card questions:

The biggest difference is that with a prepaid fuel card you use your 24/7 online account to top up your credit with a debit or credit card. This is instead of being billed after a set period, which is typically every week.

The only other major difference compared to other fuel cards is that you don’t have to undergo an extensive credit check which might affect your credit score. Instead, we’ll perform a ‘soft search’ that involves carrying out an ID and fraud verification check.

Once you pass that, you can start using your prepaid fuel card. This makes a prepaid fuel card an excellent choice if you’ve ever been turned down for a fuel card in the past because of your credit history.

Just like our other fuel cards, a prepaid fuel card offers huge benefits for your company as well as significant advantages for your employees.

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