Alternative Fuels - What happened in August 2023?

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Hydrogen truck

With news of alternate fuels being released constantly and new fuel ideas being introduced all the time, we decided that writing a monthly review on what’s happening in the world of alternate fuels was needed. In each blog we’ll be going over what’s being talked about in the world of EV, hydrogen, Bio fuels and other weird fuels, allowing you to keep up to date with what the future might hold for the automotive industry.

Hydrogen – Trials on hydrogen van start in UK

Road trials for First Hydrogen’s zero-emission van have kicked off in Scotland over the month of August with tests showing positive results. The data suggests that the overall performance of the van was better than expected, with the vehicle consuming an average of 1.58kg of hydrogen/100m, indicating a range of over 390 miles. These tests were done with both an empty van and a fully loaded van, but the driver noticed that even when driving with a fully loaded van, this did not massively affect vehicle speeds, vehicle range or fuel cell performance as you would expect. Although this van runs using mostly hydrogen, it has a hybrid engine which switches to using electricity when driving and includes frequent shifts between acceleration and braking.

Electric - Chinese develop superfast charging EV battery

CATL, who is the world’s biggest EV battery maker has launched Shenxing. This is said to be the world’s first superfast charging lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery, but this isn’t to be mixed up with a Lithium-ion battery which is currently more commonly used in EVs. Although there are some similarities, they differ in longevity, performance and chemical composition. Shenxing can provide the car with up to 250 miles of driving from only 10 minutes of charge with a full charge giving the car 430 miles of driving. With these superfast charging times, CATL is hoping this battery will reassure people who are against the idea of EVs due to the charging times that it doesn’t have to be a problem and that they are the way forward when it comes to alternate fuels.

Electric - MFG’s EV charging network continues to grow

To keep up with the growing use of EVs in the UK, we must ensure that there are enough charging stations to accommodate the new drivers, which is why Motor Fuel Group are continuously growing their charging network. According to predictions based on the current forecast, there will need to be at least 280,000 to 480,000 public charging points by 2030, which is more than 10 times the current number of around 25,000 so there’s still a lot of work to do. The aim for MFG is to install charging stations at existing and new service stations with the aspiration to make it as easy to charge your EV as it is to re-fuel your regular vehicle.

Renewable diesel – Call on ministers to cut tax on clean fuels to replace diesel

Business leaders and environmental campaigners have come together to call on the government to cut duties on clean replacements for diesel. They believe that the government should support the use of cleaner fuels whilst the electric vehicle infrastructure expands and develops over the UK, although it was mentioned that the switch to EV should not be the be-all and end-all of sustainable transport and that scrapping existing vehicles, which is the plan by 2030 is not a green solution. Sustainable alternatives are currently being used in some heavy goods vehicles, trains and maritime and are playing a massive role in rapidly cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. A solution was advised which meant that there was a duty cut for clean fuels, paid for by increased duty on dirty diesel and that this is essential if the UK want to cut our greenhouse gasses as fast as possible.

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