Does telematics mean 'Big Brother' to your team?

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Telematics systems are readily available for fleet vehicles but has the perception of the technology moved on from the concern of ‘Big Brother’ tracking? 

Over the last ten years, individuals and organisations have been apprehensive about using this technology for their fleets. There is a concern that telematics will be used to spy on drivers and so there are questions about whether they are installed because their employer does not trust them. These questions have meant that many companies have found resistance when suggesting the installation of telematics systems. So, what is telematics, if it’s not just simple tracking? 

The best way to discuss the introduction of telematics with your fleet is with the facts. Telematics systems have proven to be very effective in improving driver safety, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing fuel consumption. This will help to save both time and money by minimising costs and boosting performance.  

Telematics can also be used to track vehicles in real-time to an exact location, helping to combat theft and vandalismWhen considering the benefits of telematics, it becomes clear that the use of this technology would be advantageous for fleets, putting the ‘Big Brother’ connotations on the back burner.  

Telematic options for fleets 

Telematics are used as an extension of supportive technology to increase fleet efficiency. For fleet drivers who regularly travel long distances, telematics can be used to provide reminders and alerts to keep you focused and safe. Telematics ensure that members of your fleet are driving to optimum standards and fuel efficiency and can also expose dangerous or careless drivers. Additionally, businesses can analyse this data to see where they can save money, allowing them to run their fleets more effectively. 

This system is not actively monitored outside of working hours unless there is an incident or theft, alleviating the concern that drivers will be monitored outside of working hours 

Changes in the workplace can often be met with resistance but an upfront approach can help your team to feel involved in the process and will give them the opportunity to discuss any concerns directly. Telematics is expected in 88% of all new cars by 2025 so being connected will soon become the norm, understanding the benefits now will help your team to adopt the tech today. 

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