Does telematics mean 'Big Brother' to your team?

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Does telematics mean 'Big Brother' to your team?

Telematics systems are readily available as both retro and manufacture fit options but has the perception of the technology moved on from the concern of the ‘Big Brother’ tracking?

In the last ten years individuals and organisations have continued to raise concerns about telematics making people feel spied upon and some are left questioning if they are installed because their employer doesn’t trust them. These questions have meant that many companies have found resistance when telematics installations are suggested. So, what is telematics, if is not just simple tracking?

The best way to discuss the introduction of telematics with the team is with the facts. Telematics systems have proven to be very effective in improving driver safety and reducing fuel consumption. A report in 2015 by Frost and Sullivan found that when a telematics are used properly the benefits to both company and driver can be amazing; a 25% reduction in fuel consumption, reduce risk of accidents by 20% and a 10% reduction in miles driven. When you provide your team with this kind of information it becomes hard to only see the ‘big brother’ connotations.

Here are five of the most common employee concerns and our guide to answering them;-

“I don’t think we need it”
We are striving to improve our practices and updates in technology allows us to do this together. Your phones help you to stay in touch with the office and the computers helps us to provide information to both you and our customers, telematics is an extension of our supportive technology and the connection we give you whilst you are out on the road.

“I don’t like you tracking me where I am not at work!”
The system is not actively monitored outside of working hours. Whilst it is always enabled, the office will only use it to support you with alerts and information whilst at work. The system will only be reviewed outside of work hours if there is an incident or a theft.

“Are you going to use it to discipline me if I am not at certain locations at specific times?”
We trust you to do your jobs, we have always been able to verify your working logs and locations by other means, but we only look into jobs when we have cause for concern. Whilst you maintain a high standard of work, telematics will not be used in this way.

“I don’t need it, I am a brilliant driver”
Whilst you may be a very competent and experienced driver, we all have times where we may have a lapse in focus, this system can be used to provide reminders and alerts that are helpful and will keep you safe.

“I never speed anyway”
Installing telematics doesn’t suggest you do, with the number of speed cameras on the UK road network we accept that you are conscientious drivers, telematics helps to further improve driver safety and enables the company as a whole to lower our carbon foot print.

Changes in the work place can often be met with resistance but an upfront approach it can help your team to feel involved in the process and will give them the opportunity to discuss any concerns directly. Telematics is expected in 88% of all new cars by 2025 so being connected will fast become the norm, understanding the benefits now will help your team to adopt the tech today.

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