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Right Fuel Card recently entered a new, strategic partnership with Bill Plant Driving School. With the volatile fuel prices seen over the last few years and the increasing costs of running a vehicle, it’s important to support driving instructors and help mitigate their costs.

Impact of rising costs on learners and driving instructors

Last year, we surveyed drivers in this industry and almost half of the respondents stated that they’d struggled with their personal finances due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Maintenance costs have steadily been rising, and the average cost for car insurance is now £1000 which is 50% more than last year! As a result, driving instructors are being forced to increase the price of their lessons so they can maintain a profit. However, this has made it unaffordable for some learner drivers who also must consider the cost of taking the tests, which could impact demand for instructors in the future.

With both learners and their instructors struggling with rising costs, it’s clear that more financial support is needed. Bill Plant Driving School is keen to support franchisees in managing these unavoidable rising costs. Our partnership will give drivers access to competitive fixed-weekly fuel prices and provide more flexibility on the network and fuel used. This will allow more franchisees to take advantage of the offer.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Right Fuel Card, a collaboration that marks a significant step in our commitment to supporting our franchisees. This alliance will enable our network to access substantial savings at the pump, benefiting their operations and fuelling their success. At Bill Plant Driving School, we continually strive to enhance the value we provide to our franchisees, and this partnership is a testament to that promise." - Adam Pumfrey, CEO of Bill Plant Driving School 

“We’re delighted to be working with a company that is committed to supporting its franchisees as this fits with perfectly with our Passion for Customers value.” said Matthew Dodds, Head of Strategic Sales, Right Fuel Card. “We’re confident that the franchisees who choose to take advantage of the package we have put together for Bill Plant, will benefit not only through cost savings but the through the administrative benefits that fuel cards provide.”

The Right fuel card for Bill Plant’s needs

With costs rising, driving instructors are eager to save money at the pump but there’s other considerations to make when choosing a fuel card. The top things driving instructors want from a fuel card are:

  • Support cash flow – Many drivers use company credit cards to pay for their fuel, but these are often subject to interest fees. Fuel cards provide an interest-free option for fuel and fuel related purchases, potentially saving drivers hundreds of pounds every year.
  • Competitive prices – Our fixed-price fuel cards are offered at a competitive rate, so driving instructors could save money every time they refuel.
  • Convenience – The range we’ve given to driving instructors with our fuel cards covers over 3,600 forecourts across the UK. This means drivers can rest easy knowing they can conveniently refuel with their fuel card, no matter where their business takes them.
  • Reduced admin time – Drivers no longer need to keep hold of receipts as, with a fuel card, you’ll receive a single invoice that’s HMRC-approved. This can lead to a reduction in administration costs and save time when processing VAT, allowing driving instructors to spend longer with their students.
  • Collect supermarket reward points – With our fuel cards, drivers can claim reward points every time they refuel at a participating station (Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco.) Reward points provide driving instructors with discounts on their groceries and leisure activities, helping them save money in the long-term.   

We understand that every driver is different, so may require different fuel cards. That’s why we offer several fuel cards to our Bill Plant customers and work closely with them to find the Right one for their needs.

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Matt Dodds
Head of Strategic Sales and Partnerships

With over 14 years of experience across two of the leading fuel card companies in the UK, Matt Dodds joined RFC Edenred to help lead the development of products to support our customer's move to EV and other alternative fuels, a transition he feels passionately about.