Still paying pump price? Beware of unwanted Christmas presents.

06 December 2016
Diesel and unleaded fuel prices are expected to rise through December, says the RAC.
Although pump prices fell in November for the first time in four months, the good news may be short lived due to the cut in oil production announced by  Opec. This will mark a change from the last two Decembers, when motorists could take advantage of lower fuel prices.
Prices over the new year are still hard to forecast since fuel prices are affected by a great number of  political and economic factors that are impossible to control. Just this year, a combination of Brexit and weak pound has driven an increase in fuel costs, as oil is traded in dollars.
The hike in fuel prices could dramatically impact on businesses, especially SME. Luckily, there are a range of low-cost solutions available that can help businesses keep control of their fuel spend. Fuel cards are at top of the list, especially those that allow drivers to pay a weekly fixed price based on the wholesale rate, even when the pump price rise. The fixed price is usually up to 2-5ppl lower than pump price.
Here at The Right Fuelcard Company, we provide 5 different fixed price fuel cards, so businesses can pick one or a combination of cards to better suit their needs.
If the rise of fuel prices is likely to affect your business, get in touch to find out whether fuel cards could be the right solution for you.