How to pay the M6 toll

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M6 toll

The M6 toll, originally known as the Birmingham North Relief Road is a privately owned motorway that has been open to the public since 2003. It spans 27 miles and acts as an alternative route to the M6 to offer a faster and more efficient journey for motorists and ease congestion around Birmingham.

The toll rates vary based on the type of vehicle and the payment method chosen, so you must plan your journey considering these costs. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the simple and convenient methods to pay the toll charges, helping to ensure you’re prepared when using the M6 toll road in the future.

How to pay the M6 toll

The M6 toll is simple to use as there are various methods available and it’s suitable for all drivers and types of vehicles. Previously, drivers were charged more for travelling at peak times, however, this changed in October 2023 and now there is just one flat rate for each vehicle type.

The overhead gantry in the toll plaza clearly shows which lanes drivers can use, so you should make sure you’re in the right lane for your chosen payment method to avoid unnecessary delays. If you accidentally drive into the wrong lane or if you’re having trouble paying, then you can call for assistance using the button at the booth.

E-Tag Payment Option

The TAG payment functionality was introduced to benefit drivers who regularly travel on the M6 toll road. You can sign up for a TAG account online, but you’ll need to ensure that your account is in credit whenever you use the M6 toll. Businesses can sign up for a dedicated commercial account to save your fleet time, hassle and money on every journey though the Midlands.

Once you’ve signed up, you simply need to attach a pre-paid device to your vehicle’s windscreen and then you can drive through the dedicated TAG lanes without having to stop and pay. This is ideal for drivers in a hurry, plus you won’t need to worry about keeping receipts as you’ll receive a monthly invoice instead.

Online Payment Portal

It’s possible to pay for the M6 toll online if you were unable to at the time of your journey. You’ll be issued a Payment Notice by an attendant at the toll booth which you must pay within a limited amount of time. Failure to make payment will result in penalty charges of up to £70, so drivers should always aim to pay the toll at the time of travel whenever possible.

Mobile Apps and Contactless Payments

As the M6 toll no longer accepts cash payments, drivers without a TAG account will need to ensure they have a debit or credit card to hand. Once at the barrier, all you need to do is tap your contactless card on the reader and then proceed forward as soon as the traffic light turns green. There’s also a handy button available if you need a receipt.

Currently, it’s not possible to use mobile apps, such as Apple Pay, for payment on the M6 toll as the law previously stated that you couldn’t use your phone on a live motorway. Now these regulations have been updated, the payment systems on the M6 toll are being upgraded to accept mobile payments. This will hopefully be rolled out soon, making it even easier for drivers to pay this charge.

Fuel cards

Fuel cards can also be used as payment for the M6 toll. At Right Fuel Card, we offer three Shell fuel cards and a Keyfuels card which are all accepted payment methods for the M6 toll. If using your fuel card, you’ll need to choose a ‘card payment’ lane and then insert your card with your PIN as normal. This charge will then be added to your account and payment will be taken the following week (surcharges apply).

If you’d like to discuss your fuel card options further, please contact our team or use our comparison tool to receive a recommendation for your business.

With various payment methods available, it’s easier than ever to use the M6 toll. Drivers should plan their trip in advance and choose the most suitable payment option to allow for a smooth and stress-free journey.

Although some drivers may be deterred by the cost, it’s estimated that using the M6 toll shortens journey times by 25 minutes on average, saving you time spent in traffic jams and reducing your fuel consumption. This makes the M6 toll a desirable route for many drivers with the charge largely considered to be worthwhile for the time saved.

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