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BP fuel card

With 90% of people living within a 20-minute drive of a BP petrol station, a BP fuel card may make the most sense for your fleet. It's probably for this reason that BP is so well known, however, its nationwide fuel network also provides some handy benefits of its own which makes it an appealing option for fleets. Certain BP cards provide access to over 3,400 sites, making BP one of the farthest-reaching networks of all major suppliers in the UK.

At Right Fuel Card, we offer a range of BP fuel cards to help businesses stay on top of their fuel consumption. Whether your fleet is composed of cars, vans, HGVs, or a combination of them all, BP has a fuel card suitable for your situation.

What is a BP fuel card?

A BP fuel card provides drivers with a means to purchase fuel without requiring them to have a company card or carry cash. To keep company costs simple and easy to track, fuel cards only work in select locations and on select goods.

These cards have a range of pricing options that are suitable for all types of vehicles and fleets. There are three different BP fuel cards available, so you can choose the one that complements your fleet best. BP fuel cards provide comprehensive fraud protection to help businesses if the worst should happen. In addition, there is no minimum spend or transaction fees which will benefit fleets that are on a budget.

Our BP fixed weekly price cards could save you money in comparison to the advertised pump price, which will particularly benefit those that often travel on motorways and major ‘A’ roads.

How to use a BP Fuel card

Using a BP fuel card works the same way as using a debit card, credit card or any other form of business credit. If you were to buy fuel, you'd simply fill up the tank of your vehicle and then present the card to the cashier at the garage or station, as you would if you were paying for it usually. Your company then receives a weekly invoice from Right Fuel Card and pays for the fuel bought.

Your drivers can also purchase a variety of travel-related items with their BP fuel card. Petrol and diesel are a given, but other items that may be essential for company vehicles can be purchased, such as oil or AdBlue.

Where can BP fuel cards be used?

Where BP fuel cards can be used is partly determined by which card you have, whether that's the BP Bunker, the BP List, or the BP Plus. We've outlined the key differences between the three below.

BP Bunker

  • Accepted at every BP station in the UK, there are over 1,200 stations, including 77 motorway sites.
  • The BP Bunker is recommended for HGV and LCV fleets.
  • Fixed weekly price on diesel at over 560 BP Bunker sites.

BP List

  • BP List cards are accepted at over 3,400 stations, including Esso, Texaco, and some Gulf sites (though they are subject to surcharges).
  • Access to BP's motorway network of 77 sites.
  • Fixed weekly prices on diesel and petrol at all BP sites, including motorways.

BP Plus 

  • As with the BP List card, BP Plus cards are accepted at over 3,400 stations which includes a range of non-BP branded stations (these may be subject to surcharges).
  • Access to BP's motorway network of 77 sites.
  • Pump price at BP's 1,200+ sites for petrol and diesel.

Using a BP fuel card also comes with several benefits for both fleet owners and drivers on the ground.

  • Receive price notification emails or SMS in advance to help you plan ahead.
  • The ability to restrict purchases and authorise goods like fuels and lubricants.
  • The option to join BPme Rewards and redeem points at BP sites.
  • Your fuel cards are PIN-protected to help prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • Gain access to BP's high quality advanced fuels.

What fuel does BP sell?

Along with petrol and diesel, BP sells a range of premium fuels, known as their Premium range. BP's Premium fuels are designed to tackle the impurities and dirt that can accumulate in a car's engine and reduce fuel efficiency and performance. Created to work right from the get-go, their ACTIVE technology is designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Available in both diesel and unleaded, BP Ultimate fuels have been shown to reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and breakdowns.

Is BP fuel better than supermarket fuel?

Premium fuels, such as BP, have a higher octane rating than other fuels offered at the pumps, allowing them to power your car, clean your engine, and improve fuel efficiency. However, premium fuels tend to primarily benefit high-powered engines, such as high-end sports cars rather than those vehicles found in your average fleet.

Although supermarket fuels don’t contain the same additives, they are a budget-friendly alternative and can easily be accessed by drivers on the road.

How to apply for a BP fuel card

Applying for a BP fuel card with us has never been easier. You can use our quick comparison tool to find the best card for your business, or alternatively, you can speak with one of our experts who can help you decide on which card is best for you before applying.

At Right Fuel Card, we're trusted by thousands of companies to look after their fuel payments. We have a dedicated account management team who can answer any questions you may have about your fuel cards quickly and efficiently. We also provide you with 24/7 control of your account, letting you track your usage, monitor all your drivers and print invoices using our account management system.

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