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Morrisons fuel cards

Morrisons petrol stations are extremely accessible and often have cheaper prices at the pump than some of the other fuel suppliers, making them a popular choice for drivers. We can help businesses that prefer to use these sites, as we offer a Supermarket fuel card which is accepted at over 300 Morrisons sites across the UK. Alternatively, if you want access to a wider network of multi-branded sites that also includes Morrisons, we'd recommend the Keyfuels or UK Fuels card. To help you make the decision, we've highlighted some key information about the Morrisons fuel cards we offer at Right Fuel Card.

About Morrisons fuel cards

We offer several fuel cards that can be used at Morrisons petrol stations, including the Supermarket fuel card, plus the UK Fuels and Keyfuels networks. All of these cards can help save businesses time and money whenever they fill up at a Morrisons forecourt but they also offer their own benefits.

  • Supermarket fuel card - This is a pump-price fuel card which is convenient and simple to use, as you know exactly what you're paying every time you refuel. You can also earn hundreds of supermarket reward points when you refuel, so you'll benefit from exclusive discounts which will save your business money in the long run. 
  • UK Fuels card - Drivers pay a fixed weekly price for diesel with this card and they'll have access to more than 3,600 fuel stations, including many Morrisons sites. Right Fuel Card will also make a donation to the Leeds Children's Charity for every litre of fuel bought with this card.
  • Keyfuels card - This card gives drivers access to over 3,000 multi-branded sites and charges a fixed weekly price for diesel at every station in the Keyfuels network. The Keyfuels card is ideal for HGV drivers as it can be used to pay for overnight HGV parking and truck wash services at selected stations. 

How Morrisons fuel cards work

Regardless of which Morrisons fuel card you choose, the fuel purchasing procedure is the same. Using our site locator app, you can locate accessible Morrisons sites which accept your fuel card and then you simply refuel and pay using your Morrisons card. You can monitor all fuel transactions for your fleet through our online account management system which allows you to budget effectively and makes it easier for you to reclaim any fuel VAT that's owed to you. 

To help you keep track of your fuel expenditure, we'll send you a weekly invoice which details all fuel card transactions. We'll then take payment the following week via direct debit, so you'll always know how much you're paying for your fuel.

Price of sale at petrol pump

Benefits of Morrisons fuel cards for businesses

No matter how big or small your business is, you could benefit from using one of our Morrisons fuel cards. If you choose our fixed weekly price cards then you could significantly reduce your fuel costs and have access to thousands of fuel stations across the UK. On the other hand, our pump price Supermarket card is a convenient option for businesses as you'll always know what you're spending at the pump. Our range of fuel cards also offers various other benefits including: 

  • Streamlined payment processes
  • Detailed reporting
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • No interest on purchases
  • More supermarket reward points

How to apply for Morrisons fuel cards

Applying for a Morrisons fuel card is straightforward. You simply speak to our team at 0113 202 5110 to discuss your options in more detail or apply online.  Once you've chosen which fuel card is right for you, and there may be multiple depending on the needs of your fleet, we'll start to process your application. For this step, we'll need proof of address and proof of identification, plus your business will need to pass our credit check. Once your application has been approved, we'll aim to send out your cards within 10 working days and these can then be distributed and used by your drivers.

Using a fuel card at Morrisons

If you tend to buy your fuel from Morrisons there are a few options which may be suitable for your needs.  Use our quick comparison tool and we’ll find the best card for you.

You get more at Morrisons

Whether you choose Right Fuel Card’s Supermarket fuel card, a UK Fuels or Keyfuels fuel card, you’ll be able to collect Morrisons reward points at hundreds of stations across the UK and have access to discounted fuel prices. By applying for a fuel card today, your business can start to reap the benefits and save time and money which can then be invested elsewhere. 

To find out more about how we can help your business, contact our team at 0113 202 5110.

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Morrisons petrol station

Find your nearest Morrisons forecourt

Morrisons is a leading provider of supermarket fuel stations, with hundreds of locations across the UK. Morrisons fuel locations are easy to find using the site locator tool on our website. Just enter your location, filter by our Supermarket fuel card and it will provide a list of fuel stations within your selected radius. 

Morrisons fuel stations offer convenience, reliability and value for money. With plenty of locations across the UK, Morrisons is a great choice to get your next tank, and our supermarket fuel card will help you to save money each time you fill up.

Frequently asked questions

What's the benefit of a fuel card?

The main benefit of a fuel card is that it allows you to fill your fuel tank for cheaper than if you were paying using a regular debit or credit card. A fuel card provides you with a fixed fee at the start of the week, meaning that if the price of fuel rises one day in the week, you're unaffected by it. Other benefits might include access to loyalty points and further discounts.

What fuel cards do Morrisons accept?

Morrisons fuel stations accept several fuel cards, including Texaco fuel cards and Shell Multi-Network Cards. With over 330 fuel stations across the country, Morrisons have fantastic availibility nationwide. Contact us today if you're interested in purchasing a fuel card for Morrisons sites

Can you use the Shell fuel card at Morrisons?

You can use a Shell Multi-Network Card at over 300 Morrisons fuel stations. The same restrictions apply to what you can purchase at a Morrisons station, and you can use your card to buy fuel and car care items only. Unfortunately, purchases at Morrisons sites won't contribute to your Shell Go+ rewards program.

Which Morrisons' sites accept fuel cards?

Our fuel cards are extremely convenient and practical as they're accepted at over 300 Morrisons fuel stations across the UK. You can use our handy site locator app to find out exactly where you can use your fuel card.

Fresh choice for you

Just like a supermarket has more than one type of bread, we have more than one type of fuel card.  Whether you want the flexibility of multiple brands to ensure you never have far to fill up, or your driving routes have changed so you refuel on the motorway rather than at Morrisons, we'll have the right fuel card to suit your needs.

Sainsbury's petrol station

Our Supermarket fuel card provides coverage over hundreds of Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's sites, making it the ideal choice for car and van fleets.

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Petrol station at night

If you're looking for a fixed-price fuel card that can be used at thousands of fuel stations, then the UK Fuels card might be the perfect solution.

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Coaches lined up in a row

We work closely with businesses to help them find the Right fuel card for their fleet. Whether you have one van or multiple HGVs, we have the fuel card solution for you.

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