Maximising your Shell fuel card: where and how to use it

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Shell fuel cards

Shell fuel cards offer a convenient and efficient solution for businesses looking to manage their fuel expenses. Shell has a vast network which includes thousands of petrol stations and EV charge points across the UK. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight where Shell fuel cards can be used and how they work for businesses.

Shell fuel cards for businesses

At Right Fuel Card, we offer 4 Shell fuel cards to businesses. These are the following:

  •  Shell CRT - Cheaper rates at HGV-friendly sites.

  • Shell Fleet - Pump price card which can be used for petrol and diesel

  • Shell Flexi - Largest network available at a fixed weekly price

  • Shell Fuel and EV - Suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles and can also be used for EV charging.

With one of these fuel cards, you can access high-quality fuels and save money at the pump. Whether you have a small business with one vehicle or operate a large fleet of HGVs, there’s a Shell fuel card for you. Even sole traders can use them!

Fuel cards can be used as payment for unleaded, diesel and even EV charging. You can also use your Shell fuel card for other fuel-related purchases, such as AdBlue and lubricants (surcharges apply).

Discover our in-depth guide into Shell fuel cards for more information. 

How to use a Shell fuel card

These fuel cards have been designed to simplify and optimise fuel management for businesses. They work like a credit card but without the interest fees. Drivers simply pay for their fuel using their fuel card and then payment will be taken by Direct Debit. 

All transactions are PIN protected to prevent fuel card fraud and spending limits can be implemented for extra card security

For EV charging, drivers need to plug their charge cable into the EV socket and tap the RFID reader with their EV charge card. With the Shell Fuel and EV card, you will be charged at the retail price for EV charging, plus a transaction fee.

Shell fuel card locations

These fuel cards are accepted at over 1,200 Shell petrol stations nationwide, including all Shell motorway sites. Beyond Shell's own extensive network, most of these fuel cards are also accepted at a wide array of partner stations, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Excluding Shell CRT, our Shell fuel cards can be used at EssoTexaco and Morrisons sites. This brings the total network coverage for the Shell Flexi and Shell Fleet fuel cards to over 3,900 sites.

To find out where you can use your Shell fuel card, you can use our handy site locator. This displays all participating sites for each card, and the available facilities drivers can access, so you can easily plan routes and save time on journeys.

With the Shell Fuel and EV card, you can access over 23,000 charge points across the UK and benefit from a total fuel network coverage of over 3,000 petrol stations. Use the Shell Recharge site locator to see where your EV charge card is accepted. 

Managing your Shell fuel card

Businesses can monitor all transactions through our online account management system, making it easy to reclaim VAT that’s owed to you. This means drivers no longer need to keep hold of receipts and their spending can be conveniently monitored. To prevent misuse, you can also set limits on what can be purchased with each fuel card and how often it can be used. 

If you misplace your fuel card or have concerns it may have been compromised, you can request for it to be stopped via our 24/7 account management system. Your request will be processed within 48 hours to prevent further spending. 

With one of these fuel cards, you are also entitled to fraud protection. As soon as you inform us, you won’t have to pay for fraudulent transactions (to a maximum of £5000 per account).  

Read more about the security features and benefits of our fuel cards.

Apply for a Shell fuel card today

With excellent coverage across petrol stations across the UK and competitive prices for fuel, Shell fuel cards are a convenient option for businesses. 

The application process is simple. We’ll ask about your average monthly spend and the number of vehicles in your fleet. You’ll then need to provide us with proof of address (x2) and proof of identification (x1). Finally, your business will need to pass a credit check too.  

Apply for a Shell fuel card today, or contact our team to discuss your options. 

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