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Esso fuel card

Esso has an extensive network across the UK with over 1,300 fuel stations, making their fuel cards a consistently popular choice for fleet drivers. While all their fuel cards offer competitive rates for Esso fuel, it can be worth exploring the options available to find which card will suit your fleet best.

Our guide will take you through the ins and outs of Esso's fuel cards to help you make an informed decision.

How to use an Esso card

Once you receive your Esso fuel card, it will already be active and ready to use. Our site locator helps you to find the nearest fuel station that accepts your Esso card so you can plan your journeys in advance. Esso fuel cards work the same as any other fuel card, however, if you’ve never used one before it can be puzzling at first.

Fuel cards are designed to make purchasing fuel simpler and easier than giving drivers in your fleet cash, company cards, or having them carry extra fuel. The physical fuel card will be printed with the company name and vehicle registration number on the front if required; an additional signature strip along the back of the card and the requirement of a PIN provides additional security. Magnetic strips allow the providers of fuel cards, such as Right Fuel Card, to capture information and data on how the card is used.

The captured data can then be passed onto fleet managers or decision-makers who can assess how fuel is being consumed, how often refills are required and can accompany and complement any other telematics gathered.

At Right Fuel Card, we compile the information surrounding your drivers' fuelling activity into easy-to-read reports that can be accessed online. Our online account management system allows you to view your fuel transactions, monitor usage, print invoices, and manage PINs for all your Esso fuel cards.

Which Esso fuel card is right for you?

Esso offers three types of fuel cards, the Esso Card Commercial, the Esso Card National and the Esso Card Fleet. By using these cards businesses can have greater control over their fleet and expenses. However, it’s important to consider their benefits as these vary depending on the card you choose.

Esso Card™ Commercial

The Esso Card Commercial (also known as an Esso Truck fuel card) is designed for HGV fleets that want to focus on their fuel's price and quality. Providing a fixed weekly diesel price, drivers can access Esso's network of 1,200 fuel stations, including 250 HGV-accessible locations.

While the Commercial Card is known as Esso's Truck Card, it's compatible with all vehicle types, something to bear in mind if your fleet contains multiple vehicle types.

Esso Card™ National

Working much like the Commercial Card but with additional features to provide an even greater degree of flexibility for fleets, the Esso Card National is one of the best ways to keep the vehicles in your fleet fuelled and on the road.

With access to Esso's 1,200 fuel stations plus Shell and BP stations at a surcharge rate, you can more than double the number of sites you can utilise with an Esso National Card. This brings the network coverage to over 3,400 national sites, of which nearly 1,200 are HGV, over 2,300 are open 24h, and 117 are on motorway sites, you're never too far from refuelling. Drivers on a tight schedule won't struggle to find a place to fill up, and your fleet won't have to deviate from their route to find a suitable fuel station.

Fuel prices for the Esso Card National also remain fixed throughout the week, saving you money every time you fill up your vehicles.

Esso CardTM Fleet

The Esso Card Fleet has access to almost 1,200 Esso fuel stations and has the option to add Shell and BP sites to increase the network coverage to 3,400 sites. This card is ideal for mixed fuel fleets that travel regionally or from town to town as drivers pay pump price for Synergy standard diesel and petrol at all Esso sites. If the Esso Card Fleet is upgraded, then drivers will pay the pump price plus a surcharge at BP and Shell sites.

This pump price card would benefit businesses that travel locally to a garage that has cheap prices. It also means that drivers don’t need to keep an eye out for commercial prices being sent to them every week.

Why choose Esso cards?

Esso cards come with a range of benefits that are useful for both drivers and fleet owners.

Other than Esso petrol and diesel, Esso's fuel cards can be used to purchase lubricants and AdBlue to keep your fleet vehicles in top condition when out on the road, however, a surcharge will apply. Not only this, but a well-maintained vehicle will run smoother and more efficiently, improving the fuel economy and requiring fewer stops. You can also keep your fleet sparkling clean with an Esso fuel card as your drivers can use it to pay for car washes that can be found at 870 Esso stations across the UK.

In addition to all the perks that Esso fuel cards offer, drivers can also benefit from a rewards program that allows them to collect Nectar points if they fill up at participating Esso branded service stations. Diesel and petrol purchases can lead to Nectar points at nearly 1000 Esso stations in the UK.

What fuel can I buy at an Esso Station?

Buying fuel from Esso stations lets you choose their specialist Synergy petrol, a fuel designed by engineers to clean your vehicle from the inside out. Using bespoke molecules that can reduce engine deposits, Esso's Synergy petrol can undo and prevent the dirt built up in places like your intake valves.

Synergy Supreme+ 99 is another of Esso's premium fuels that can benefit your fleet, providing the same cleaning molecules but including molecules designed to reduce the friction in your engine to help moving parts operate more efficiently.

Esso provides a great selection of fuels at thousands of stations up and down the country, and offers excellent benefits for your company, fleet and drivers, making it a popular choice for businesses. If you're interested in exploring how an Esso fuel card can benefit your company, speak with our team today.

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