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Shell fuel card

In a sea of fuelling options, differing brands and fuel card products, finding the perfect fuel card for your business can be tricky. If you're looking for a fuel brand that offers premium quality and the largest presence of any branded fuel card in the UK, then Shell fuel cards may be the best option for your fleet.

With a variety of fuel card options available and a rewards scheme, Shell fuel cards have a lot to offer.

What is a Shell fuel card?

At its core, a Shell fuel card performs like any other fuel card on the market; it lets drivers in your fleet purchase fuel from pre-approved stations and vendors. However, Shell's fuel cards also come with an array of features and additional benefits, making them a popular choice amongst fleet owners.

Why choose a Shell fuel card from Right Fuel Card?

Aside from competitive rates, Right Fuel Card offers an online account management system that helps to make the administrative side of managing a fleet easier. This system contains reporting features, so you can easily track your Shell fuel purchases online. In addition, our site locator gives drivers the option to check Shell locations before setting out so that they can ensure they’re never too far from a Shell forecourt when embarking on long journeys.  Drivers can also access the Shell Go+ app, which offers benefits such as discounted Car Care products and discounted drinks.

Shell fuel cards can now be used for more than just fuel. You can use your card to pay for bridge, toll fees and even EV charging, so drivers don’t need to worry about carrying cash or two separate cards on the road.

Many of the available Shell fuel cards allow for the cheaper purchase of Fuelsave Diesel, a scientifically developed fuel designed to make your engine last longer. Likewise, their V-Power diesel allows your drivers to fill their engines with a high-performance fuel that's capable of cleaning the engine, even removing old deposits left behind from other fuels. A cleaner engine can lead to a higher mileage per gallon and could even reduce the amount of servicing your vehicle's engine requires.

Compare the range of Shell fuel cards

To help find a solution to suit your business needs, Shell offers several fuel card options.  We recommend chatting with one of our fuel card experts to ensure that you get the best fuel card option for your fleet.

Shell CRT

Focusing on savings for fleet operators running HGVs, coaches, and LCVs, the Shell CRT fuel card is an excellent option for companies that have fleets with larger vehicle classes and travel predominantly on motorways and A-roads.

  • The Shell CRT fuel card is accepted at over 1100 Shell fuel stations which includes all the motorway sites.
  • The price of Shell's FuelSave standard diesel and petrol are fixed weekly, ensuring that fleet owners know the price regardless of which forecourt their driver uses.
  • Prices at core sites are cheaper with a Shell CRT fuel card.

Shell Fleet

The Shell Fleet card works well for fleets that have a range of vehicles using different fuels and for those who want a straightforward payment option with a wide network coverage.

  • Similar, to the CRT card, Shell's Fleet card is accepted at Shell's 1100+ fuel stations and includes Esso, Total, Texaco, Morrisons, Gulf, Gleaner, Circle K and Topaz fuel stations, bringing the total coverage up to 3,800 stations.
  • The pump price is charged at all Shell stations for FuelSave standard diesel and petrol. Fuel purchased at other stations is charged at the pump price plus a surcharge. As surcharges can fluctuate, we recommend speaking to one of our fuel card experts for more details.

Shell Flexi

The Shell Flexi fuel card is best for companies that travel a wide variety of routes across the country and generally don't rely on motorways.

  • Much like the Shell Fleet card, the Flexi fuel card works at all Shell stations and several other branded stations, bringing the total coverage up to 3,800 stations.
  • With Shell Flexi, you pay a fixed weekly price for FuelSave diesel, however, surcharges do apply at Shell motorway and partner stations. As surcharges can fluctuate, we recommend speaking to one of our fuel card experts for more details.

Shell Fuel and EV

Unlock Shell's network of public charging stations so your mixed fleet with electric vehicles can stay on the go and benefit from fixed weekly pricing for diesel. One card, one invoice. 

  • The Shell Fuel and EV card uses the Shell Flexi network for petrol and diesel, so you can access up to 3,800 fuel stations across the UK.
  • Widespread coverage with over 23,000 EV charge points included on the network.
  • Fixed weekly price for petrol and diesel, retail price for EV charging (transaction fee applies).

Where can you use a Shell fuel card?

All three Shell fuel card options provide access to over 1100 Shell-branded service stations, including 400 core stations, 650 non-core stations and 53 motorway stations. In addition, the Shell Fleet and Shell Flexi cards have access to 3,800 stations. which include Esso, Total, Texaco, Gulf, Morrisons, Gleaner, Topaz and Circle K.

You can find your nearest Shell station on our site locator.

How does the Shell Fuel and EV card work?

The Shell Fuel and EV card is perfect for mixed fleets using petrol, diesel and electric vehicles. You pay a fixed weekly price for petrol and diesel and for EV charging, you pay the retail price plus a transaction fee. Like our other Shell fuel cards, all transactions made with the Shell Fuel and EV card will be displayed on one HMRC- approved invoice, making it easier for you to monitor your expenses.

Using this card for EV charging is simple. All you need to do is find an accessible charge point using the Shell Recharge app, plug in your charge cable into the socket of the charger and then tap the RFID reader with your EV charge card. 

Shell Go+ rewards

When drivers in your fleet visit a Shell fuel station, they can collect points for the Shell Go+ rewards app.

The Shell Go+ app provides drivers with a range of benefits from discounts to freebies; all drivers have to do is spend at least £10 in fuel or £2 in the shop. With a Shell Go+ account, your drivers can look forward to saving money even when they're not at the pump.

With a Shell Go+ account, drivers will get 10% off all hot drinks and Shell food ranges. They'll also get money off fuel every ten visits and plenty of treats and surprises along the way.

Shell fuel cards are a popular choice amongst fleet owners, due to their wide range of benefits and extensive coverage across the UK. To find out which Shell fuel card is the most suitable option for your business, please contact our team today to speak with one of our fuel card experts.

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