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At Right Fuel Card we believe in simplifying the fuel management of businesses across the UK by providing fleets with cost-effective fuel cards.

We work with major fuel brands and fuel networks so that we can offer our customers a wide range of fuel cards to help fulfil their business needs. However, there are misconceptions about how fuel cards work, leading to inaccurate information being spread and this can be confusing for those looking for a fuel card.

In this guide, we will tackle some of the biggest myths surrounding fuel cards and provide some key information about how they can actually benefit businesses.

  1. Savings are guaranteed so you will always get a discount - Myth

    Fleets who choose a fixed weekly price card will often see a reduction in cost against the pump price. However, this is reliant on the type of card chosen and can vary depending on the current market movements. Drivers also need to ensure that they stick to forecourts that do not trigger surcharges as this can increase fuel costs.

  2. You can save up to 10p per litre - Half Myth

    Although considerable savings can be made with fixed weekly price fuel cards, this is influenced by several factors. Where drivers fill up their vehicles will have a significant impact on how much they can save. For example, those that fill up on a motorway will save more against the pump price, however, drivers may only save 1-2p against an inner-city forecourt.

    Fuel prices are determined by the price of crude oil which is currently at an all-time high. As a result, the fixed weekly price has increased, and so businesses may not feel like they are saving as much as they were previously.

  3. Fuel cards are accepted at every forecourt – Myth

    In the UK there are over 8,000 forecourts, however, not all of them accept fuel cards. In total the fuel cards we offer cover around 90% of that network including premium brands, fuel networks and supermarket chains. Our most widely accepted fuel card can be used at over 3,000 fuel stations but if you needed more flexibility, our fuel card experts would be able to recommend a combination of cards to suit your requirements.

    Drivers can use our site locator to plan out their journeys in advance, ensuring that they can access forecourts that will accept their specific fuel card.

  4.   You just bump the price up once we jump on-board - Myth

    We buy fuel and resell it, however, our buying price fluctuates as it’s impacted by external factors, such as OPEC and global conflicts, which affects the prices we can offer to our customers. As we aim to put our customers first, we always try and provide them with fair prices.

  5.  Fuel cards cause extra admin - Myth

    Some businesses may be concerned that having fuel cards for their fleet will cause extra admin, however, this is not the case. Fuel cards can actually reduce time spent on admin as all transactions are processed digitally.

    With our fuel cards, drivers will no longer need to keep hold of any receipts as they can easily track their fuel spend through our online account management system. Through this system, businesses can also view, download, and print their weekly invoices which will make it easier to reclaim and fuel VAT that is owed to you.  

  6.  Fuel cards are only for big fleets - Myth

    Whether you have one vehicle or one hundred vehicles, you can apply for a fuel card. We work with a variety of fleets, from taxi drivers up to large transport companies with a fleet of HGVs.

    You do not need to have a large fleet to benefit from our fuel cards, as small businesses can also receive significant savings and save time on fuel management.

  7.  The more money you spend the better price you get - Myth

    There is no discount for buying larger quantities of fuel as our prices are charged per litre. Our fixed weekly prices are not determined by how much fuel you buy but instead reflect the movements in the international oil market.

  8.  Fuel cards come with lots of hidden fees - Myth

    Our customers pay £1 per card per month. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our prices and so we always explain any surcharges before purchase. We have no minimum spend on our cards and we do not charge non-usage fees. In addition, as businesses pay via direct debit, they will not pay interest on fuel costs as they would on a credit card.

  9.  You cannot use fuel cards at supermarkets – Myth

    The assumption that fuel cards can only be used at independent fuel stations is a myth. Our Supermarket fuel card provides access to Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s sites, allowing drivers to purchase cheaper fuel and earn supermarket reward points.

  10.  Right Fuel Card is the best fuel card provider- True!!

    Well, we think so anyway! Not only do we have a fantastic range of fuel cards to suit all businesses, but we also have excellent customer service. Our customers are the number one priority, and our team are on-hand to help. You can discover more reasons why we think Right Fuel Card is the best fuel card provider here.    

How to make the most of your fuel card

Our friendly team of fuel card experts will help you choose a fuel card that is right for your needs. We will consider several factors, such as your vehicle, fuel type and where you drive to find the most appropriate network of forecourts for you to use.

With a fuel card, Businesses are in complete control of what is spent which helps to reduce fuel fraud. With some of our fuel cards, you can even purchase additional extras such as car washes, lubricants, or glass repair (surcharges apply) which provides greater flexibility for drivers on the road.

How to apply for a fuel card  

Applying for a fuel card is simple. Businesses can either fill in our online application form or call our expert team at 0113 202 5110 who can talk you through our fuel card options.

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